Lezyne is pleased to announce that Italian importer BELTRAMI TSA SRL will be their exclusive distributor in Italy. As one of Italy’s top importers, Beltrami will distribute and support the Lezyne brand and their entire best-in-class collection of cycling accessories.

Beltrami has been distributing top cycling brands for over 28 years and boast 11 dedicated sales reps covering all of Italy. They have a fully automated warehouse and a highly professional infrastructure that is going to quickly showcase the Lezyne brand to their more than 1,600 active retailers.

Lezyne has been engineering and manufacturing class-leading cycling accessories for 13 years now. This includes LED lights, GPS computers, tools, pumps, bottle cages, CO2 systems, tire repair, bike bags and more. And just recently they started to rollout their latest product line, which features an innovative 2-in-1 tubeless repair kit and a CO2 inflation system called the Tubeless CO2 Blaster.

“We’ve chosen to work with Beltrami as they are a leading reference when it comes to bikes and cycling parts in Italy—both in terms of coverage and overall dealer support,” said Lezyne’s worldwide sales manager Nico Jeczawitz. “Italians love cycling and style, which is what Lezyne exemplifies, and Beltrami’s expertise will bring that message to their market.”

“We’re thrilled to take on the Lezyne brand,” exclaimed Salvatore Miceli, Beltrami’s sales manager. “They make beautifully designed and engineered accessories that will be a perfect addition to our company. We look forward to growing the Lezyne brand across Italy!”