Lezyne Great Divide Pack Review

Andy Johnston, three time National MTB Champion and coach reviews our Great Divide hydration pack and LOVES it. Exciting stuff.

Andy Johnston, three times National mtb Champion is not only a racer and the coach.

Andy incorporates camping into his mountain biking experience. Here is his review of the Lezyne Great Divide Pack:

Lezyne’s Great Divide pack is their largest pack offering.  A very generous 24 liter cargo capacity and a 3 liter drinking bladder makes this suitable for long bike rides and camping trips.  With 6 external pockets, including one big basement pocket, and numerous internal storages solutions, the Great Divide has plenty of easily assessable storage areas.

When you are doing your big ride there is only one reason you wear a backpack; to carry your stuff, and you need to get to that stuff quickly and easily. The Great Divide gives you that with easy to access storage compartments.

The pack is very easy to wear and comfortable on the shoulders. A little more narrow than a typical daypack helps keep the load balanced when in a leaned over riding position.  Additional adjustment and compression straps help secure the load, and double as mounting straps for external items – even a full-face helmet.

To keep the pack off your back an insertable, bendable support also allows air to flow and keep you dry, and it also provides an ideal storage next for large, flat maps.

Overall the pack is a quality piece of gear with many well thought-out touches you will appreciate out in the woods or wherever your adventurers take you.

Externally and internally, this pack has lots of storage.

Water resistant, soft material scratch free zipper pocket for your electronics, such as music devices, with an earphone cable port.  This is the go-to pocket for easy access zipper storage.

Two mesh pockets on the hip strap.  These can be accessed while wearing the pack, so are perfect for items you might use a lot.

Large side pockets on either side of the pack are great for small to medium size items.

Two main compartments: a cavernous main and secondary one features tons of pocket space for your little items, it is even labeled with pictures of the things that go in the pocket so you don’t have to dig to see what’s in there.

For odds and ends there is the outer pocket on the back of it all.  It is made of a stretchy fabric that allows you to cram and stuff items in a hurry yet still hold them safe.

A ventilated storage compartment under the pack for wet, smelly or dirty items to protect your other stuff.  It also works great for clean items.

The hydration bladder compartment is lined with reflective material called Temp Shield to keep temps constant.   The bladder closes using a zip-lock top which opens wide enough to get your hand in for easy cleaning.

The Great Divide pack is big enough to be used for camping yet small enough to be used for a day ride or hike.

Bottom line:
WOW!  This is my favorite pack, although not as roomy as my 30 liter hiking pack, or as minimalist as my cycling water pack, it is the nicest, and has the best features.  This is an all day/ multi-day pack for the outdoors person that needs to carry a lot of gear, but does not want a bulky cumbersome pack.