The ultimate cycling trinity: you, your smartphone and the Lezyne GPS. All equally important aspects, the GPS trinity works as a system to make sure you get the most advanced riding experience available. Open up the Lezyne Ally app, pair up with your smartphone, and turn your computer into the ultimate riding device. When paired with the Ally app, your computer gets a major feature upgrade. This pairing enables all of the standout features of our devices: phone notifications, Strava Live Segments, Turn-By-Turn navigation, and Lezyne track.


The first feature that is enabled when connecting your Lezyne GPS device to your smartphone is the optional phone call, text, and email notifications.


Secondly, the Trinity allows for the implementation of Strava Live Segments. Get ready to take a buddy’s K/QOM or set a new PR via the on-screen countdown to your favorite segment.


Next up in the list of features is turn-by-turn navigation. Not only can the Year 10 GPS devices follow custom routes built through our GPS Root site, but you can simply enter a destination on the Ally app, and your device will guide you there.

 Screen Shot Lezyne Track

Lastly the trinity brings you Lezyne Track: a way to bring piece of mind to your loved ones. Simply add the email address(es) that you wish via the Ally App, and each time you begin a workout a link will be sent showing live tracking of where you are.


The Lezyne GPS Trinity brings together all of the stand-out functions of our Year 10 GPS line. Stay tuned for in-depth tutorials and feature explanations during out Lezyne GPS Month!