If your ride isn’t on Strava*, did it happen? Attempt all of your favorite Q/KOM’s and set new PR’s with Strava Live Segments on a Year 10 Lezyne GPS device. Simply star your favorite segments, sync with your device and be ready to push the pace! When you’re finished, easily upload the data via the (coming soon) Lezyne GPS Ally V2 app.




First off, in order to use the Strava Live Segments, you must be a Strava Premium member (sign up here). Once a premium member, head over to your dashboard and click in “My Segments” and then star the segments you would like to attempt. Then grab your phone, open up the Lezyne Ally V2 app (coming soon), and tap the “more” tab. Once in the more options, click on Strava and then sync your segments. Next up, head out for your ride and shoot for that PR/K/QOM!





While riding, your device will notify you when approaching your starred segment: with 500ft (500ft is stock, but the distance is completely customizable) until the start, a pop-up alert will display on your device’s screen, giving you a countdown. Once finished see if you achieved your goal directly on screen.

When riding, always be safe and courteous to others. 

*Disclaimer: The term STRAVA, the Strava logo and other Strava logos and product and service names are the exclusive trademarks of, and are owned by, Strava, Inc.


  1. Hi

    got a question regarding the new super gps: Is it possible to upload a track/route to the unit via the app and leave the cellphone at home then? Or must the cellphone be paired with the unit all the time?

    1. Hi Dan, nope you do not need the phone with you while you’re out using your unit with a loaded route. However, it won’t reroute for you if you’re off course and you would need your phone for any route modifications.

  2. Hi, is live segments on Strave also possible with the mini gps?
    I do not have the 10th anniversary, just bought it shortly before that came out 🙁

    1. Hi Henrico,
      We had to upgrade the hardware on the Y10 devices to run new features like live Strava segments and navigation, so Y9 GPS devices can’t support any of the new Y10 features.

  3. How does the live tracking work if your ride goes through more than one starred segment at a time? Will it give updates for all applicable starred segments? For example, if you star a long ride that also contains smaller intermediate segments, what does the display do during the ride?

    1. Live tracking and segments have nothing to do with each other.

      Live track is simply a 30 second delayed map and metrics chart of your current ride that is sent to everyone on your live track email list.

      If you have segments within segments, the screen will only show progress on the first segment it locks onto. The way our strava segment detection works is the GPS locks onto the first one you get to until you either leave the segment or complete it. Once that happens, It will start looking for the next segment.

  4. Just purchased the Super GPS and expected to see in-segment tracking vs my PR or the KOM time, but that looks to have been removed? It just offers elapsed time but doesn’t give the rider any sense for whether you’re ahead of or behind the goal time mid-segment. Could this please be added back in? Thank you

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