Back in August we launched the Year 10 Lezyne GPS Collection (if you missed it, check it out here). Even though the line has only been released for a short time, our Year 10 GPS Collection is already generating a considerable amount of positive press. From triathlon to commuting, and road racing to trail riding; we have GPS options for all.

Here’s what the press is saying about the Lezyne GPS line:


DC Rainmaker

Photo: DC Rainmaker
Photo: DC Rainmaker

We were fortunate enough to have Ray visit us at Eurobike this year to give him a run-through of the devices and let him check out one for himself. In his review (check it out here), he starts by noticing the “Strava Live Segments feature, which allows you to quickly load your favorite segments to the unit. This is a bit unique compared to the Wahoo & Garmin offerings, in that you can actually see which segments are loaded from your phone app – as opposed to it being either the backend Strava favoriting process or only displayed on the unit itself. You can also configure settings with respect to how soon it pops up notifications.”

Photo: DC Rainmaker
Photo: DC Rainmaker

Along with Strava, Ray thoroughly enjoyed our turn-by-turn directions, “But it’s one specific mobile phone feature that I thought was particularly cool: The ability to instantly send turn by turn directions from your phone to the unit. See, all GPS bike computers today require you to do a bit of planning before you start your activity. You’ve either gotta have a route figured out ahead of time and sync’d to the device (Wahoo/Garmin), or you have to use the tiny display on the unit to manually enter an address in (Garmin too). The Lezyne units allow you to skip that painstaking process. Here you can simply open up the phone app and type in an address or desired locale…Then it’ll instantly spit out bike-friendly routes using a backend platform of multiple bike-specific routing engines.  The route of your choice (including turn by turn directions) is then transmitted to the unit for navigation.  So even if you lose phone signal, you’re still good. So why is this so cool?  Well, you can do this mid-activity, at any point.  It doesn’t impact your recorded activity, and is again, a million times easier than entering an address on a unit.  I can’t count the number of times I’ll be riding with a Garmin Edge device, yet navigating with my phone because I’ve changed my mind on a destination mid-ride and don’t have an easy way to enter that address in.  This is simply super-cool, and easily the coolest head-unit feature I saw.”

In summary, Ray explains that “The Strava Live Segments, turn by turn navigation, and in particular that sweet insta-phone-navigation integration is quite competitive.  Same goes for saving the battery by leveraging the accelerometer to minimize battery burn when not moving.”


LAVA Magazine


LAVA (full review here) starts out by reinforcing the fact that “Lezyne has done a really good job with their software and features. Each devices offers some serious battery life, and specs that rival competitors.”

In regards to features, LAVA points out that “One of the most sought out features will be the Strava Live Segments support” and that “Along with Strava Live Segments, the feature that seems to be most innovating is the navigation. Once paired with your phone, simply type in your destination in the app and a bike-specific route will be sent to your device-no need to build a route online first (although this is supported as well). From there, simply start your ride and the device will prompt guide you turn by turn.”


LAVA also mentions our two watch models (the Micro and Micro Color), “The coolest devices in the line-up (at least for triathletes) are the two watch models: The Micro Color and the Micro. The watches are basically the Micro cycling computers adapted into a watch. They both house all of the same features as the cycling-specific computers, but also have the running, hiking, and lifestyle modes making them a great option for multi-sport athletes.”



Photo: Pinkbike
Photo: Pinkbike

The editors over at Pinkbike also had the opportunity to check out our collection at Interbike this year (full story here). The highlight of their review was about Lezyne Track, “… there’s even a way for selected individuals to be able to view your current location, speed, and the information from any other gadgets you’ve connected to the device, all from the comfort of their own computer. That way your buddies can laugh at the sufferfest you decided to embark on while they stayed home to eat pizza and drink beer.”


PEZ Cycling News

Photo: PEZ Cycling News
Photo: PEZ Cycling News

Another fan of our Lezyne Track feature (as well as Strava Live Segments and Notifications), the editors at PEZ (full story here) commented, “Do your teammates or rivals want to know when and where you’re training, or does your significant other count the minutes until you return each weekend to assign you chores? With the Leyzne Track feature, simply add the email address(es) you want via the app, and each time you begin a workout a link will be sent showing live tracking of your location and your metrics. Watch out if you decide to detour to the donut shop…you’re being tracked.”



Photo: Bikerumor
Photo: Bikerumor also shed some light on the success on our Year 10 GPS line (full story here). “If you need an indication of just how far Lezyne has come in their 10 years as a tool/accessory brand, their Y10 collection is a good place to start. Almost every product highlighted includes some sort of electronics with their second generation of GPS computers serving as the crown jewel. That’s quite a contrast from their original yet still groundbreaking hand pumps with integrated hoses from Y1.”

“Based on our experience with the first generation, these should provide some of the most robust GPS units on the market, and our initial impressions lead us to believe the functionality has been drastically improved, especially when it comes to connecting it with your phone. All of this in one of the smallest packages with the Micro, and claimed best in class battery life with the Super (24hrs), there is also a colored screen option on the Micro C, as well as wrist mounted Micro C and Micro GPS options. Perhaps most impressive, is the fact that the Super GPS added a ton of features, and yet is now $50 less.”


We are happy to say that our Year 10 devices have been a hit in the media world and we are looking forward to more reviews. If you’re looking to purchase a device, head on over to our web shop (here) or contact your local dealer.


  1. I purchased a Deca Drive 1500 XXL two months ago and several of the modes are no longer working including the flash mode. Very disappointed in the failure of this product, but even more disappointed that the US company will not support repair from Canada

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