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Everyone loves their phone, and with this in mind, the Lezyne GPS phone notifications feature keeps you connected. Through the free Lezyne Ally V2 app (coming soon), you have the option to turn on text/phone/email alerts that seamlessly pop up on-screen; making it easy to see who is contacting you without ever taking your hands off the bars.


1) How to set up notifications:

























Setting up phone notifications on your Lezyne GPS is extremely simple. To enable, first make sure your Lezyne GPS device is paired to your phone through the Lezyne Ally V2 app (coming soon). Once paired, tap the more tab and then tap App Settings. Here is where you have the option to turn on notifications (by tapping the toggle button next to “Notifications”). After enabling notifications, Android users will need to “allow” these notifications via a prompted pop-up. iPhone users, on the other hand, are all set!


2) What can you see?

Phone notifications are one of the devices’ many features

After making this connection, you’re notifications are set up and good to go. Every time someone attempts to reach you (whether it’s via email, text message, or phone call), an alert will appear on your device: no more reaching for your pocket to see who’s trying to get in touch with you! The Lezyne GPS phone notifications feature is just one of the many reasons the Year 10 GPS Collection is our best yet!. Other features include turn-by-turn navigation, Lezyne Track, Strava Live Segments, Customization, and breadcrumb maps. 


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