Lezyne Gets A Writeup by Bike Rumor at Eurobike

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Lezyne Gets A Writeup by Bike Rumor at Eurobike

Lezyne’s new RAP LED tools (7,14, and 21 piece varieties) were dubbed “The. Best. Multi. Tool. Ever.” by BikeRumor.com at Eurobike.

Lezyne showed off all sorts of fancy new integrated lens technology on their commuter and cycling lights, one with two bulbs and a thousand lumens. But the new RAP multitools with a single lumen LED pen light that slides over an allen key stole my heart.

The tiny light, pictured on its own in the bottom left, slips over an allen key with a spring-loaded ball to keep in in place. Slide it off and hold it in your mouth and it’s perfect for repair work on the trail at night. Brilliant.

More brilliance from lots of lumens after the break, too…”

Full article HERE.

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