Latest GPS Root Enhancements

Latest GPS Root Enhancements - Totals

Latest GPS Root Enhancements

Now that our GPS Root website has been live for a bit, we’re getting plenty of positive feedback along with a few suggestions for improvements. Additionally, we’re continuing to enhance the user interface for a more dynamic experience and easier navigation.

Here are some of the more recent updates that have been added to GPS Root.

Strava Sync: Users can now seamlessly sync with the popular training and activity website from our GPS Root database. Single rides can be pushed through manually, or rides can be set to automatically upload to Strava whenever new files are added.

Latest GPS Root Enhancements - Strava

Dashboard Totals: On the dashboard of GPS Root, an overview of rides totals can now alternated between Overall, Yearly, Monthly and Weekly with the click of a button.

FAQ and Videos: More support has been added to GPS Root. Tutorial videos for the Mini GPS have been added, highlighting its features and functions. Furthermore, an in depth FAQ was put together and posted on the site covering many GPS questions about our devices.

There are also plenty of “works in progress” happening over GPS Root. For Example:

Improved Map and Graph Features: Subtle user-friendly enhancements are continuing to be added to both the map route and data graphs. The default view of the map now displays “Terrain” and the overlaid data points can be viewed as “Points” or “Solid Line” depending on user preference. Additionally, the data graphs can be switched between “Average Smoothing” and “Exact Input” that the device records.