In 2016 Lezyne Ambassador and bicycle trials legend Danny MacAskill joined fellow trials legend Hans “No Way” Rey, professional guide Gerhard Czerner and a film crew of four to accomplish an amazing and unheard of first: complete back to back mountain bike ascents and descents of Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro for this 30-minute short film called “Kilimanjaro: Mountain of Greatness.”

Not only did the team battle altitude sickness and delirium, among other obstacles, MacAskill also had to be emergency airlifted from Mt. Kenya to a hospital in Nairobi after suffering from pulmonary edema. He quickly stabilized and was able to rejoin the group to do a complete summit of Kilimanjaro.¬†With the help of his Super GPS, Danny and the team covered 99 miles by bike and on foot with two mountain summits resulting in almost 40,000 feet of elevation gain during the 10 day trip. Don’t miss this must see adventure:


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