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The latest firmware update for our Year 10 GPS units is now available. This also coincides with new features recently activated in our Ally V2 smartphone app. These latest updates will improve overall performance, fix a couple minor bugs and — best of all — add some key new features to our GPS platform. For example:

  • Multi-Bike Support
    Create multiple bike profiles, including bike-specific sensor setup within your GPS device.
  • Complete GPS setup through Ally V2 app
    Instantly customize any paired Year 10 GPS device right from our Ally V2 smartphone app.
  • Increased support for mobile notifications
    Stay up to date with notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and more!

Other updates include:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • New individual bike and running odometers
  • New auto-timezone functionality when used with the app
  • Black and white background color options
  • Secondary “Track up” navigation map
  • Deleting an activity requires confirmation
  • Improved sensor processing and reconnection
  • HTTPS utilization for increased security

To download the latest update for your Y10 GPS, visit

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  1. How many bike profiles can u create?
    Will the device automatically switch bike profiles when a known sensor connects?
    Which data is automatically saved for each bike profile(like total ride time or total kilometers)?

    1. You can create up to 5 bike profiles.
      No, you decide which bike profile when you turn on the device.
      There is a separate Odometer for each bike profile.

  2. What is the impact of the adaptive recording on accuracy and battery life? And how does it combine with GPS+Glonass and GPS only?
    Can the user manuals be updated to include new options?

    1. Hi Henk,
      Adaptive recording only affects how frequently a point is recorded, i.e. if speed and elevation don’t change for several data points, file size is minimized by not writing those points to the file. Accuracy wouldn’t be affected, but battery life might be insignificantly impacted as the device is writing more or less data. We are working on updating the manual currently.

  3. Dear Lezyne Team,
    Greetings from Singapore and my riding is all road based in urban areas, not necessarily heavily built-up though. Consider this a real world review as I don’t know where to post this publicly. Feel free to use it anywhere although i’m no influencer/journo. Anyway, I just got my Macro and this thing is awesome. Ally V2 App works great, i’ll never get lost again since i can plug routes in on the fly through the phone app.

    Turn by turn navigation files uploaded from (Which was advised by Lezyne too) work perfect and WILL REROUTE automatically although Lezyne states thi is not always successful. Syncing rides from GPS to Phone App via Bluetooth was snappy too. (I didn’t time it, but max of 2 minutes tops for a 60k ride- One doesn’t need data for this too). For those who are reading, YOU DON’T NEED PHONE DATA OR YOUR PHONE TO BE CONNECTED FOR TURN-BY-TURN. It works like how the ones in your motor vehicle would once its been synced by the Ally App.

    Notifications are seen on the screen clearly, Messages, WhatsApp, Calls, phone battery life… i mean whatever… It’s there. MY PHONE DATA IS NOT “ON’ FOR THE LEZYNE APP, only the bluetooth is synced so heavy data users (myself inclusive), don’t sweat it.

    The battery lasts forever and you will never have to worry about running out of juice. Most legs will likely need a break first. I ride mostly when the sun is down and my backlight is always ON. For those who think that an auto light sensor makes more sense, having used the Macro, i’d much rather have that choice determined by myself since It’s only a tap of a button away. This battery lasts so long, the lack of setting the level of brightness is irrelevant to me.

    Metrics (Speed, distance, average speed) for rides seem accurate, i did not use any other sensors for speed or cadence and the data matched up with what my riding buddy’s Garmin 520 recorded. No dropped signals, just reliability all the way. My Macro only has GPS and not Glonass and maybe since I wasn’t riding in heavily built-up areas it helped (For those who haven’t been here, Singapore is largely urban and although littered with apartment blocks, are evenly spaced except in the heart of the city where the density increases) . But I highly doubt it.

    If I really had to gripe, maybe the Macro’s physical appearance could be a little more sleek or to give the placebo of the fashionable “aero”- please don’t ask me to define that. It does look better in the flesh versus pics. The value of this thing is staggering so one be really hard to please to have any gripes. However, regardless of the relatively “low” price, I got mine at SGD$166, versus a Garmin 520 at 2x that number that essentially does the same (Or less, my buddy has never got his notifications to work), the MACRO as a product- just works. It does everything Lezyne says it will, and if it doesn’t, from the threads i have read, have promptly answered and accounted for themselves publicly and gotten it all sewn up regarding updates and enhanced functionality.

    One cannot go wrong buying one of Lezyne’s GPS line up and I got a lot of respect for them for simply responding to any query posted to them and being publicly accountable. I wish you guys all the best and thanks for bringing this to market.

  4. Hi, I am thinking of buying a Lezyne GPS computer. Do any of the models handle full turn-by-turn navigation for a circular route so that I can use this device in unknown areas and still get back to my starting destination? Online reviews and Lezyne spec state devices like the Super GPS have “turn-by-turn navigation”, but user feedback suggests this is just a to b routing, and a circular route with detailed turn-by-turn navigation is not supported. Please clarify.

    1. Anything that is created on the GPS Root route builder will have full turn by turn directions. Once the route is created, it can be pushed to any one of our Y10 GPS from the Lezyne app available for iOS and Android.

      1. As a user I can vouch for the circle loop navigation working. I have used it for quite a few group rides that start and end at the same point. The only weakness I have found so far is in a figure 8 route, where there is a middle meetup back where you started. Some Gran Fondo’s do this. Even though you have finished only half the route it says you are at the finish line so you are done. In this case you have to make the figure 8 as two independent routes and all is better.
        I also heard the issue is fixed where if you get off route for a short while it then recover it wants you to go backwards over the missed path and would stop guiding you if you didn’t have a data connection to reroute. Looking forward to testing this.

        1. With any saved route, if the user just continues on after it says arrived, it will just put them back on route and continue to work.

  5. Just received my yr 10 super gps and have a set-up question. The gps setting only allows for either adaptive or 1 sec there is no option to select GPS/Glosnass. Did that option go away? I have updated to the latest firmware

  6. Hi, I’ve just received the macro gps and the device works great. However, I can’t search for a location (name of a hospital, park…). I can search by address instead. Do you guys have any idea about that (I reside outside of the US)? And with the breadcrum navigation, it would be much better if you guys can replace the small circle with an arrow indicating the riding direction.

    1. We are working to improve the breadcrumb screen currently to make it more user friendly . This will be released in a future update.

      Searching for a location should work in the app. We need to know where you live so we can give it a test and check it out. Could you please email so we can take a look?

  7. the route building on the website is still very poor when compared to the likes of garmin/ride with is very difficult to edit routes and there is no open cycle map available.any update when this could be done ?
    other than that the year 10 gps is a great unit and i won’t be going back to garmin anytime soon.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve our products.
      If they prefer using Ride with GPS, you can export TCX routes from them and import the file into GPS Root. This will give you turn by turn directions along your route with this solution.

  8. I’m new to the GPS world and am considering the Super GPS for use with my road and mountain bikes. I am not interested in measuring cadence and am wondering what I might be sacrificing with my speed/distance measurements by not using the speed/cadence sensor? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tom,
      Speed sensors are also used to calculated distance and have a great deal more accuracy than just pure GPS data at slower speeds or tight twists and turns.

      1. Thanks. I could see how the speed sensor would be especially helpful on a trail bike. But for a road bike would the GPS measurements be good enough?

        1. For most road courses, GPS is fine.

          Certain parts of the country have more twists and tight turns in their roads than others(Rockies vs Mid-West), so it is really up to the rider and where they plan to do the majority of their road riding.

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