Introducing the ABS2: A Faster Way to Get Pumped

Introducing the ABS2: A Faster Way to Get Pumped

Introducing the ABS2: A Faster Way to Get Pumped - Main Image

Introducing the ABS2: A Faster Way to Get Pumped

Pump it up with our new ABS2 chuck now featured on our line of award winning floor pumps.

Our longstanding Flip Tread Chuck has evolved into the quicker—and still airtight—ABS2 system. This new system features an aluminum sleeve that rapidly engages and disengages from Presta valve tubes. Furthermore, the ABS2 can still securely thread on to shrader valves without swapping parts or flipping chucks!

The ABS2 is made up of an extremely durable composite body, an aluminum engagement sleeve and affixed with an aluminum coupler. A resilient combination of brass and steel makes up the ABS2’s core providing a secure and long lasting connection to both Presta and Shrader valves.

Using our floor pumps has now become quicker and more efficient, backed by the renowned quality of Lezyne’s engineering and construction.

Introducing the ABS2: A Faster Way to Get Pumped - How To
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View our new ABS2-equipped digital floor pumps here.
View our new ABS2-equipped standard floor pumps here.




39 thoughts on “Introducing the ABS2: A Faster Way to Get Pumped

    1. Hi Mike! All new chucks are currently being used to fulfill floor pump production, so probably not until next month.

      Thank you for your interest!

  1. Will my current pump with the ABS-Flip chuck be compatible with the new ABS2 design? Or in other words can I remove the current chuck and replace with this new design with my current Lezyne pump?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, The ABS2 chucks are compatible with pre-Year 9 floor pumps! We will have the new ABS2 chucks available individually for purchase soon. Currently they are all being allocated to the shipment of our new line of pumps.

  2. I need to replace my hose on a classic floor drive pump. Will you be shipping standard length hoses (I like the way the lenghtyh is perfect so that the chuck hooks up at the bottom) with the new ABS2 chuck? Or will I have to buy them separately?

  3. Hello,

    Very interested in the ABS2 HP chuck for my travel pump as I think it might fit into the valve hole of my disc wheel. Could you please confirm to me if I’ll be able to adapt the ABS2 chuch on my travel pump ? The reason I ask is I don’t see you offering a Travel Pump with ABS2 so I’m unsure if it will be compatible or not ?
    Thanks in advance for your answer !

  4. Hi. I purchased the Steel Floor Drive and then purchased the ABS2 as an accessory. But, I simply cannot figure out how to attach the ABS2 to my pump. Help!

  5. Will the braided hose be compatible with the orange/gold HV chuck? Or does the braided hose have a narrower ID?

    I take it the larger rubber hose is designed to allow more flow, where as the braided is designed to allow high pressure?

    1. You got it, braided hoses are only on the high pressure pumps. So, the gold ABS2 HV chuck is built for the rubber hoses.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      HV stands for High Volume, and partains to mountain bike tires that require more volume than pressure. HP stands for High Pressure, which is best for road tires which are smaller and require more pressure.

    2. High Volume and High Pressure, HV for proper bike tyres, HP for roadie tyres. You can use HP for proper bike tyres, but it’ll take yonks.

  6. Is the ABS-2 HP compatible with the Sport FD? Is there a guide on how to replace the ABS Flip Thread?

  7. I have had my ABS2 for a month and have just loved the performance, Some how while removing it from the tire valve I pulled the crew on part of the chuck from the base, do you have a diagram of how to put it back in place with out air leaking out.

    1. Hi Mike, our warranty department will be contacting you shortly! We are currently working on creating more diagrams/instructional videos for our product line and will have something up soon.

  8. I just ordered the new abs 2 steel pump, but am now wondering whether the abs flip chuck is more secure. Does the abs 2 also screw onto the presto valve?

  9. I recently received the new chuck (red) for my floor pump and the directions provided on this site were very good. I was able to convert to the new version in less than five minutes and it fits securely to the presta valves on my Zipp 303’s.

    1. Awesome, Edwin, great to hear! Thanks for your feedback! We are glad to know the guide was useful 🙂 Enjoy your newly upgraded floor pump!

  10. Hi, I just bought a new Classic Floor Drive with the ABS2 chuck. I have older Lezyne pumps also that have the previous flip chuck system. Is it possible to take one of the old flip chucks and put it on my new Floor Drive that came equipped with the ABS2 chuck? thanks …

  11. Hi lezyne cs
    I just want to know new ABS2 chuck to fit to my lezyne CNN floor drive . Please answer my email quickly.

  12. Hi, I just changed out my pump to the new ABS2, but now it doesn’t seem to work with valve extenders that don’t have a core / thread on them. Is this the case? The old ABS didn’t work with them either, but the right angle adapter did.

    1. The new ABS-2 will clamp down on some, but not all thread-less valve extenders. We don’t currently make an adapter for those that it doesn’t work with.

  13. I was a big fan of the previous screw-on flip chuck and that was the main reason I initially purchased and stayed with Lezyne floor pumps, so I hope it will continue to be offered in the future. I’ve now had a chance to use the new ABS2 and while it is efficient, I prefer the precision offered by the flip chuck during removal. When you unscrew the flip chuck and have used the bleed valve to release pressure, you know the same amount of air pressure remains in the tire and there is no explosive release of air during removal that sometimes can damage the tube valve. When you pull off the new ABS2, there is that puff of air that seems to escape as well, which might be different each time depending on how quickly you manage to remove it. One time when you do it quickly, it might be less than another time when you struggled and didn’t pull it off as quickly. I can hear the air escaping from the tire sometimes when I am struggling and cannot yank it off as quickly, so then I have to reattach the hose and redo the inflation to get back what I lost and hope that I can pull it off better this time. There wasn’t this question with the screw-on flip chuck. So to me, the screw-on flip chuck was the feature that really set Lezyne pumps apart from the rest of the market that has the yank-off heads. Anyway, I just wanted to comment that I hope the flip chuck doesn’t go away and continues to be an option on all floor pumps. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! All of our HP chucks are compatible with all of our HP floor pumps. We don’t have any plans to discontinue the ABS flip-chuck, so if you prefer it, you’ll be able to continue using it on our pumps in the future.

  14. I have the Classic Floor Pump with the ABS2 Chuck and the other day I was pumping my tire and I must have twisted the sleeve a little too much and the thing just fell apart… I am not sure how to out it all back properly. Do you have a video or blow up diagram that shows how all the parts go together? are there replacement parts in case I lose the O-ring or the spring etc… Thanks

  15. I have an ABS2 chuck and can’t figure out how to use it. With a presta valve is seems to work – inflates and indicates the pressure. With a scrhrader valve the pressure goes to max scale and no air goes in the tire. The chuck fell apart a while a ago and I am not sure I put it back together correctly. There is a little brass piece rattling around inside it. Are there diagrams or videos showing how to reassemble the chuck?

  16. How can I use my floor pump to inflate exercise balls etc. I have the ABS2 chuck. I don’t remember if my pump came with attachments ?

    1. All of our pumps ship with the ball inflator pin and the inflator cone for pool toys and air mattresses. If you’ve misplaced yours, you should be able to pick one up at your local bicycle shop or sporting goods store.

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