Introducing Engineered Visibility

Riding with lights during the day is safer. Period. According to multiple sources including a 2013 study of 3,845 cyclists, using a “permanent bicycle running light significantly improves traffic safety for cyclists.” So why not use lights that are optimized for use during the day, but versatile enough to use in a group ride, on a bike path, at night; basically wherever and whenever you ride your bike? Our Year 11 collection of LED lights with daytime flash are engineered to be brighter and more visible. Designed, developed, tested and produced in-house, our best-in-class range of lights can provide significantly more safety for all types of riders.. With prices starting at $20 USD, everyone with a bike should have a daytime flash light. Interrupt inattentiveness with engineered visibility.



Engineered Visibility

There are four aspects that make up Engineered visibility, each linking together to keep you safer on the road:

We at Lezyne have spent over five years refining our lights to maximize visibility and increase safety.

Using class-leading programming, materials, LEDs and optics, we ensure Lezyne lights are at the forefront of technology.

All Lezyne LED lights undergo testing in our integrating sphere to verify the output.

By creating unique and irregular flash patterns, bright lights become strikingly visible.



Lights featuring daytime flash


Strip Pro 300 Blog Feature


The Strip Drive Pro 300 is one of the brightest rear cycling lights on the market today, but the design extends beyond brightness alone. A combined 11 output and flash modes mean you can dial in the brightness from 300 lumens down to five. Whether you’re on a solo lunch ride, in a morning group ride, riding a bike path at dusk, or commuting home at night, the perfect setting is only a few clicks away. The unique design of the Strip Drive allows it to easily attach to both aerodynamic and round seatposts and an integrated USB charging stick provides a convenient way to make sure your light is always charged. With five market-leading LEDs and 300 verified lumens of output the Strip Pro 300 is both extremely powerful and highly versatile.



Lite Drive 700 Blog Feature

The all-new Lite Drive 700XL is a compact front light featuring an ultra high-visibility daytime flash mode. With two LEDs and 700 verified lumens of output, this light’s optimized beam pattern will easily be seen during the daytime and efficiently light up the roadway at night. The Lite Drive also features an all-new button which is easy to use, even with full-fingered gloves. At $60 USD, this high-quality light provides more versatility and value than any other light at this price point. Available in a wide array of colors, the Lite Drive allows you to add style and safety to your ride at the same time.


The complete daytime flash lineup:





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