Double Your Runtime With The Infinite Light Power Pack

Say hello to our advanced Infinite Light Power Pack. When plugged in to our compatible lights, this versatile battery pack will double your runtime.


Compatible Lights


Power Pack Run Times

The infinite light power pack is compatible with both the Power Drive 1100i and the Deca Drive 1500i. Use either light on its own for the convenience of using a self-contained setup, or take the battery on a night ride for an extended epic adventure. Not only does our battery pack effectively double the runtime of both your lights, it’s programmed to always use the power in the pack first. This means you can start your ride with the battery pack plugged in and move it out of the way when it’s done. The light even lets you know when the battery pack is depleted by a color change on the button. The Infinite Light power pack is available by itself or as part of our loaded box with either the Deca Drive 1500i or the Power Drive 1100i.


Infinite Versatility

CKP_8847 R1 Cropped

With the Infinite Light power pack you can also charge compatible accessories via a USB charging port. Take it with you wherever you can’t find a power plug to charge your phone, GPS, or other USB devices. Infinite Light becomes Infinite Power.



Deca Drive 1500i

Power Drive 1100i

Infinite Light Battery Pack