In-App Route Building Now Available!

With the latest firmware update you can now build routes within your Ally V2 app to use with your Y10 GPS device!

Please be sure your GPS device and your smartphone application are both up to date – You can find the latest firmware here


How to create a route in the Ally V2 App:

1) Open your Ally V2 app

2) Click on the Navigate menu

3) Click the menu options button in the top right corner of the screen

4) Click “Create a route”

5) Tap on the map to select a starting point

6) Tap on the map to create new waypoints

The route between waypoints will be created automatically. Alternative routes will be shown in black – click on the black route to use the alternative route

7) Save route or click “GO” to send navigation to your GPS

*Route can be saved to phone without a GPS connected – GPS must be connected to phone to navigate

**Once the route is loaded to your GPS device, it can be disconnected from your phone

Create Route Horizontal R1



Loading a saved route:

1) From the Navigate menu in your Ally V2 App, click on the menu options button in the top right corner of the screen

2) Click “Saved Routes” and select the desired route

3) Click “GO”

*GPS device must be connected to phone to navigate. If you are not at the start point of your route, the app will give you the option to navigate to the start point.

Load Route Horizontal R1


For further reference about navigating with your Lezyne GPS click here

Click here to update your Y10 GPS Device



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  1. Fantastic update.woukd be good if I could upload a gpx file directly into the app ….could this be done ?

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