Ian Mullins’ Island Adventure: The Beginning

Our newest Lezyne Ambassador Ian Mullians is a cycling lifer. After racing at the elite level, most recently in the endurance mountain biking category with a focus on 24-hour and 100-mile events, for nearly three decades he’s now focusing more on something new for 2018: Adventure. Having just recently moved from Seattle, Washington, to Kauai, Hawaii, many of these adventures will be island based. Here’s a look at the planning for the initial one this January and some of the Lezyne products he’s chosen.

I recently seized an opportunity that has me basing all of my living, training and Ahi eating from Kauai, Hawaii. I know, rough right? This place offers a ton of great riding on roads, trails and gravel/dirt/farm roads or “groads’ as people in Boulder, Colorado, call them. I decided that with access to the type of riding here, I should cook up some bike adventures for next year so “The Island Project,” or T.I.P. was born.

The main road on the island almost circumnavigates all of Kauai along the coastline with the exception of the Napali Coast, a beautiful range of ridges teeming with flora and fauna only traversable by foot on the famous Kalalau Trail. The westernmost beach in the U.S. is on the far west of the island and is called Polihale State Park. I often ride to this beach (a 40-ish mile/2,000 foot ride from my house) and camp with friends on weekends. I decided while everyone else goes surfing, Bocci Ball playing and beach lounging, I’d leave Polihale by bike, ride the five mile “groad” to the main road, ride all the way around the island to Ha’ena State Park beach where the Kalalau Trail begins, dip a toe in the water and ride all the way back to Polihale, a 130-ish mile/6,000 feet climbing, near circumnavigation of the island. I’ll capture it all with an on-board camera and get drone footage of the entire day.

This can’t be done without great equipment and Lezyne has me dialed. Snacks will be a large part of this long ride so the Energy Caddy XL, located conveniently right behind my stem, will hold the aforementioned snacks, iPhone, sunscreen and of course the Lezyne Pressure Drive CFH inflation system in case of a puncture. Reliable hydration systems are my jam and I love the CNC Cages because they work better than any other cage I’ve used aaaannnnd my newest ones are PURPLE ANODIZED, which was a low key form of bike industry currency in the early 1990’s.

After swimming in power numbers, heart rate, mileage and other data saved and analyzed over years of racing, I went data free for two years to recalibrate myself. Now, after that cleanse I’m ready to start incorporating numbers back into my rides.  I’ve been riding with the Enhanced Micro C GPS watch for a few weeks now and love the features and simplicity, making it a perfect device to capture my numbers but not distract from the experience of riding. Turn by turn instructions, real-time notifications of texts and four screens of ride, run or hike data all on my wrist or handlebar is a pretty nice thing to have on a long adventure.

This initial leg of The Island Project will commence right as 2018 launches. Other adventures planned for T.I.P. are road and mountain bike shredding in Waimea Canyon, a total circumnavigation of Kauai by boat, hike and bike in one day and the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise mountain bike race on Oahu in October. Mahalo for coming along with me…

Check back in January for the full feature and follow Ian here.


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