How To Install ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps

How To Apply ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps

How To Install ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps

The release of the ABS2 on the Year 9 line of floor pumps was a major improvement. This new chuck works for both Presta and Schrader valves and features a quick disconnect for Presta valves and an Air Bleed System button for easy pressure tuning. The ABS2 chuck is also sold separately and can be applied to older Lezyne Floor pumps. It’s also available in high volume (HV) or high pressure (HP) versions for mountain and road biking, respectively. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to convert older models, so here’s an easy guide to help you with your pump upgrade.

How To Apply ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps - Step 1

Step 1
Unscrew the old ABS chuck from the hose swivel.

How To Apply ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps - Step 2

Step 2
Use an Allen wrench (Allen 4 on the Lezyne 3-Way Wrench) to remove the swivel from the hose. If you own a pump with the crimped on swivel, simply cut it off.

How To Apply ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps - Step 3

How To Apply ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps - Step 4

Refer to this video for more in-depth instructions on swivel removal:

Step 3
Twist off the compression nut of the ABS2 chuck and insert it on the pump hose.

How To Apply ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps - Step 5

Step 4
Insert the ABS2 chuck into the hose.

How To Apply ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps - Step 6

Step 5
Slide the compression nut of the ABS2 chuck up the hose and screw back on to the chuck.

How To Apply ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps - Step 7

Step 6
Your newly upgraded pump is ready to prepare you for your next epic ride! Enjoy!



27 thoughts on “How To Install ABS2 Chucks to Older Lezyne Pumps

  1. Hi there,

    I had recently bought the Lezyne Sport floor drive which comes with an ABS2 head. When I tried the pump on my road bike tyre (Presta) it work. But last night when I intent to pump my tyre before riding, the inner center part of the ABS2 head dissapear and I could not pump my tyre. Once I intent to pump, the pressure goes up and fade quickly (within seconds) .
    Could you help me with this problem please?


  2. If I have an older Lezyne HP Floor pump that has the braided hose crimped to the swivel, do I simply cut the braided hose off just below the swivel to install and ABS2? Or is there another trick?

    1. Yes, the best way to install the ABS-2 on a hose that currently has a crimped on swivel is the cut it. We recommend wrapping the spot you’re cutting with electrical tape to limit fraying. Please email and we can help you out!

  3. Hi,

    I just got an ABS2 to upgrade my digital floor pump, but the ABS2 doesn’t fit my lightweith autobahn dicwheel. It’s to narrow.

    Is thera an presta-to-discwheel adapter I can use? (or schrader-to-disc)

    The ABS2 is not screewed on, so I can’t just replace it with speed-chuck I use now

    1. Hi Lars, unfortunately there is no adapter for the ABS2 to be used on discwheels. It hasn’t been in much of a demand but be’ve taken the suggestion into consideration for the future.

  4. What are the real differences between the HP & HV chucks? What is the maximum recommended pressure for each? Can the HV chuck, for example, be used to inflate road tires to say 120 psi?

    1. The chuck isn’t the limitation; the pump is. You have to have the HV pump to fit the HV hose to fit the HV base. The HV hose and gauge will fail if you are airing it beyond the 60psi recommendation on the pump.

      1. What diameter hose will the two chucks work with then? Would like to use on non-Lezyne pump. Most pump hose seems to be of consistent thickness.


  5. Hi, does ABS2 Chuck HV fit to my Lezyne CNC Dirt Floor Pump, which i bought three or four years ago?

  6. Hi guys,
    I have a 4 year old Lezyne Travel Floor Drive pump that the swivel has just broken on (after many, many uses with my road & TT bike!). Does the new red ABS2 chuck come with a new swivel in the kit? And is the ABS2 chuck compatible with my Floor Travel Drive pump? Thanks! Darren.

    1. Glad to hear that you gotten so much use out of your pump! Our ABS-2 chuck doesn’t require a swivel, and yes, it is compatible with your Travel Floor Drive. All of our HP chucks are backwards and forwards compatible.

  7. Congrats on the new design. This should eliminate the problems I had in the past when unscrewing the old design ABS chuck on a presta with removable core that sometimes picked that moment to remove itself. I’ll have to order one soon.

    Thanks for continuing product improvements

  8. I purchased an Alloy Floor Drive pump not long after thwey were introduced (8-10 years ago?). About a year ago I upgraded to the original ABS chuck. There were some drawbacks in using it, but one thing stoo out: it didn’t fit the hook at the bottom very well. With the original chuck you had to draw on it a bit and it mated with the hook with no slack in the hose. With the ABS chuck attached there was a fair amount of slack left in the hose. So, the question is how does the ABS2 fit? Does it mate well with the hook and does it leave slack in the hose? I can send a photo if needed…

    1. Hi Don, the ABS-2 fits very well in the holder at the base if the hose is trimmed to the proper length. You can use scissors to trim the hose clean before installing the ABS-2. If you have any further issues please email and we’ll get you squared away!

  9. Hi
    We just bought the ABS2 HV for use with our Lezyne track pump. We cut the crimped on swivel off the hose as instructed but the ABS2 chuck doesn’t fit onto the hose. The diameter of the ABS2 HV chuck we’ve received is clearly largely than that shown in your step 4 photo, measuring 10mm across (4mm internally) while the hose has an external diameter of 8mm and an internal diameter of 3mm. Could you let us know how to fit the ABS2 chuck? Should we have bought the ABS2 HP model, rather than the ABS2 HV?

  10. Personally, i am not a fan of the AB2.
    I have an older CNC alloy pump with the flip head chuck.
    Can I retrofit the older flip head chuck to a new CNC Alloy floor pump?
    Removing the ABS2 in favor of the older threaded flip head system?

  11. Is there and easy way to convert from the ABS-2 back to the Flip Chuck? I find the ABS -2 works with some valves but not others. Some thread on nice and snug, some leak air intermittently while pumping, and some will not hold any seal at all. The flip chuck had none of these problems. Another issue is that the first thing that happens when the ABS-2 is engaged is that air rushes out of the tire to fill the hose. How does one monitor how much air a tire lost overnight? Not good. I guess the ABS-2 works by holding open the tire valve while engaged. The Flip Chuck by contrast does not have this problem.

    In summary, I find the ABS-2 very disappointing. It’s simply not a design that would satisfy a cyclist who is serious and meticulous about their equipment, too many fatal flaws.

  12. I would like to buy the Lezyne ABS-2 Chuck and attach one onto
    the Topeak Joe Blow Sport pump. The hose of Topeak has got 10mm outer and 4mm internal diameters. What head is compatible to the Topeak hose? HP, HV or none of them?

    1. Hi Oleg,
      The exact hose dimensions on our pumps isn’t information that we generally share, but the dimensions you’ve mentioned aren’t similar enough that one of our chucks would work.

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