Digital Precision – The World’s Most Advanced Hand Pumps

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An integrated digital gauge puts an end to approximation. Stop guessing your tire pressure.

Accuracy Meets Efficiency


Gauge Only - PSI and Bar

The ability to achieve the perfect tire pressure shouldn’t be limited to your bike shop or workshop. By integrating the Digital Strip Gauge into our most popular hand pumps, the accuracy and precision of a floor pump can be with you on every ride. Each digital hand pump retains its compact size and features a clear, bold readout which can be displayed in either PSI or Bar. Built for maximum efficiency and ultimate reliability we’ve created the world’s best hand pumps capable of a highly accurate pressure reading.


Micro Floor Digital Drive

Micro Floor Digital - HP, HV, XL


The Micro Floor Digital Drive is the ultimate portable pump. Called “a traveler’s dream” by VeloNews, the pump can easily inflate a tire in about half the time as other portable pumps. Not only is it easier to achieve higher pressures, you’ll experience less fatigue with re-inflation. The thread-on chuck design ensures a positive connection with either Presta or Schrader valves and our patented ABS (Air Bleed System) button releases air pressure in the pump hose for easy chuck removal without unthreading valve cores. The Micro Floor Digital Drive is available in models optimized for high pressure, high volume and plus/fat bike tires, making it a must have for traveling, touring, bikepacking and more.

Micro Floor Digital Drive HPG (High Pressure)

Micro Floor Digital Drive HVG (High Volume)

Micro Floor Digital Drive XL (Plus/Fat)


Digital Alloy Drive

The Complete Digital Hand Pump Lineup

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