Color Burst. By Lezyne

Alison TetrickFlow Cage SL and Super GPS SE shown

Add a burst of dazzle with our collection of colorful lights, bottle cages, mini tools and  C02 inflators along with special edition Super GPS units and select hand and floor pumps. We have a dashing array of colors to bring unique style and design to your bike and garage. Click on the links below to see all the products we offer in dazzling color options!


GPS Units

Our GPS units give you complete control of all your ride data and navigation.

Super GPS SE


LED Lights

Lite Drive 700XL, Classic Shallow Bell and Super GPS SE shown
Lite Drive 700 R1
Lite Drive 700XL

Our innovative LED lights lead the industry in bike lighting and safety.

All-New Lite Drive 700XL (Shown)

Hecto Drive

Zecto Drive (Front)

Femto Drive (Front)

Femto Drive (Rear)


Hand Pumps


Lite Drive R1
Lite Drive

Our range of modern hand pumps are engineered to be lightweight, compact and super efficient.

Pressure Drive

Lite Drive

HP Drive

Alloy Drive


CO2 Systems

Control Drive CO2

Our CO2 systems are elegantly constructed from aluminum and engineered for simplicity and quality.

Control Drive

Trigger Drive CO2


Bottle Cages

Maria WilkeCNC Cage shown
Flow Cage SL R1
Flow Cage SL

Stylish Lezyne bottle cages are capable of holding bottles tightly over the roughest roads and trails.

CNC Cage

Alloy Cage

Flow Cage SL

Power Cage


Multi Tools

Multi Tools R1
Rap CO2 Tool (Left) and V Tool (Right)

We have a diverse collection of advanced multi tools to escort all styles of cyclists.

V Tools

Rap Tools 

Rap CO2 Tools


Floor Pumps

Steel Floor Drive (Also available in tall)

Our floor pumps continue to be the industry benchmark.

Steel Floor Drive

Sport Floor Drive

Macro Floor Drive

***Note: Blue CO2 Inflators, Hand Pumps and Multi Tools not available in the USA.

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