Classic Dirt Floor Drive Review by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine

A high volume pump for mountain bike tires previously needing an air compressor
Classic Dirt Floor Drive Review by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine
image: Enduro Mountainbike Magazine

Classic Dirt Floor Drive Review by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine

We’ve been getting a lot of great reviews about our Digital Drive series lately, but our Classic Floor Drives are not to be forgotten…Enduro Mountainbike Magazine has a great review out for our Classic Dirt Floor Drive! The Lezyne Classic Dirt Floor Drive is a high volume floor pump optimized for use with mountain bike tires. Made with a steel barrel and piston, an aluminum base and an oversized wood handle. The barrel, piston, hose and connectors are oversized to deliver twice the air flow per stroke to quickly fill tires or seat tubeless tire systems. The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and long rubber hose easily reach both Presta and Schrader valves on a stand. The Speed Chuck is included for fast press-on valve engagement. The 2.5” oversized gauge is very precise and easy to read. An anodized high polish finish makes this pump stylish and durable. The barrel is painted for durability and stylish looks.

“The Lezyne Classic Dirt Floor Drive could be the pump you’re looking for to replace the air compressor you keep around just for inflating bike tires. The pump is made with high quality, replaceable components. That’s an important thing. Being able to replace parts, instead of an entire pump, is crucial.” Read the full review here!

Shop the Classic Dirt Floor Drive here (in the USA). Check our pro shop locations map for purchases outside of the United States.

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