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Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar

Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar


Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar

Name: Erica Allar
Nationality: USA
Hometown: Fogelsville, PA
Residence: Tucson, AZ
Strengths: Sprints, criteriums
Pro Since: 2008

Erica Allar began racing in 2001 as a track racer. She won two U23 national criterium championships and multiple collegiate national track titles while attending Penn State. When not racing she loves being outside, drinking coffee and laughing.

We recently threw up a post on our Facebook page requesting our fans to ask Erica a question about being a professional cyclist. We selected our 10 favorite inquiries and had Erica answer them below. We also offered up a Lezyne Mini GPS Special Edition to the person whom Erica felt asked the best question: Congratulations B. McAlister!

What is your favorite interval training session? ~D. Morales
Let’s be honest: All interval training sessions suck. I don’t think anyone goes into VO2 efforts thinking, “This is going to be so much fun.”However, I appreciate them because I know they’re making me a better cyclist. But, if I had to choose one session, I would go with Strength Endurance intervals—long, slow cadence muscle builders. Power!

Who is your biggest cycling inspiration? What would you like to pass along to the next generation of aspiring female cyclists? ~T. Work
Cliché, I know, but Jame Carney is my biggest inspiration. He believed in me before anyone knew who I was; before I knew I could do anything in this sport or in my life.

I would pass along the importance of having fun. It needs to be fun, and there needs to be balance.

Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar - At Beach

What was the main facet of cycling that drew you in, and encouraged you to want to pursue a professional career? ~P. Molnar
Track racing in T-town is what drew me in. It was fast, fun and different. I was good at it, but there was no way to make a living doing it. I had to swap over to the road, which resulted in a professional career.

I’ve heard you’ve earned the nickname “Always There.” Does that have to do with the fact that you’re always in the mix at the sprint finish? ~B. Jones
Let’s go with it’s because I’m always in the mix for race finishes. If it’s not, than it must be because I have a hard time dropping back any further than fifth wheel while in the field. Or, maybe someone who is taller than me coined the nickname because each time she turned around, I was their enjoying her draft. There aren’t many girls my size in the peloton, so I tend to gravitate toward the same riders for a draft.

What is your favorite pre-, mid- or post-ride snack? ~I. Audrain
I don’t like to eat during rides (unless I’m racing, which in that case it’s Clif Bar). But I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I read an article on FoxNews that says cake for breakfast may help keep weight off, so I guess it’s my favorite pre- and post-ride snack!

What would you advise to a lady who is considering going pro? ~J. Sanchez
Take your time. Ask questions but don’t be afraid to make your own choices based on what is right for you. Prioritizing your happiness is not a bad thing; you should. And then make choices in your cycling career to reflect what will make you happy. Oh, and have fun. It should always be fun. Be happy. Have fun. Sounds a little simpler than it is. But it’s true. A happy racer is a fast racer.

At that moment during a race when you are maxed out, what do you think about in order to keep going? ~B. Ticknor

“Man, if I am suffering THIS bad, then everyone else must REALLY be struggling!”

Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar - On Road

What’s the hardest part of professional cycling that no one ever talks about? ~E. Vrtis
It’s easy to become so involved in cycling that it consumes every part of your life. There has to be some sort of balance in your life. It is important to have a life and things to do outside of the sport that are not bike related.

On long rides how do pro cyclists occupy their minds? ~P. Houston
Ride with friends who are interesting to talk with. Or, listen to music, podcasts or books on tape.

What is your most memorable racing event? ~A. Chavez
I have so many great memories. My first big pro win in Macon, Georgia, in 2007 was pretty good, but so were my two U23 Crit National titles [2006 & ‘07]. Or 2012 when I topped three Optum riders and Laura Van Gilder in a breakaway for the win at the Sunny King crit. Also, winning the Cannon Falls stage of the 2010 North Star Grand Prix was a great memory.

How can we encourage youth girls to become active cyclists? ~B. McAlister
I’d like to suggest that the girls considering going pro race with their local men’s fields in an effort to challenge their skills and abilities. I also recommend that they travel outside of their local race scene; it’s important to travel to some of the larger more known races in the US in order to showcase their skills and potential to pro teams.

Stay tuned for more editions of ASK A PRO!

Lezyne Introduces Cylance Pro Cycling

Lezyne Joins Cylance Pro Cycling

Lezyne Joins Cylance Pro Cycling

Lezyne has teamed up with the new women’s professional squad Cylance Pro Cycling. Based out of US, the 10-rider team features four Americans, four Europeans and one rider from St. Kitts & Nevis. Cylance Pro Cycling boasts a synthesis of veteran experience, ambitious protégés and an excellent mix of talent that will be competitive at any race they enter.

Lezyne Joins Cylance Pro Cycling

Former professional athlete and long-time cycling director Omer Kem founded the team with an eye on the newly created UCI Women’s World Tour. In addition to racing, Kem wants to use the team to encourage leading an active lifestyle. “We believe that sports can be a critical component to a happy and healthy life, and we want to empower everyone to get active and achieve their goals,” said Kem in a recent press release. “Cylance Pro Cycling Team members will be role models to athletes of all sports, male and female, not only for their accomplishments on the team, but also as they strive to represent their nations in the Olympics.” Each of the athletes will be aiming for a selection to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The team kicked off their season this week in Australia, competing in the 4-stage Santos Women’s Tour. Top US sprinter Shelley Olds found the podium on the very first day with an impressive second place finish and went on to finish second overall.

Lezyne Joins Cylance Pro Cycling - Closeup

“We’re thrilled to be working with some of the best female cyclists in the world,” said Dillon Clapp, Lezyne’s communications manager. “All of riders are great ambassadors of the sport as well. It’s going to be exciting watching them represent Lezyne across the world at the highest level of racing!”

The team will be racing with Lezyne bottle cages and new GPS computers. When not racing, the girls will be outfitted front-to-back with Lezyne gear including saddle bags, hand pumps, multi tools and LED lights.

The Cylance Pro Cycling roster is:

  • Shelley Olds – USA
  • Krista Doebel-Hickok – USA
  • Alison Tetrick – USA
  • Erica Zaveta – USA
  • Valentina Scandolara – Italy
  • Sheyla Gutierrez – Spain
  • Doris Schweizer – Switzerland
  • Kathryn Bertine – St. Kitts & Nevis
  • Rosella Ratto – Italy
  • Rachele Barbieri – Italy

You can follow along with the team here:

Lezyne Introduces Rally Cycling

Lezyne Introduces Rally Cycling

Lezyne Introduces Rally Cycling

Lezyne Introduces Rally Cycling - Logo

New Title Sponsor for America’s Top Ranked Continental Men’s and Women’s Program.
“Circuit Sport is proud to announce Rally Health℠ as the title sponsor for 2016 and beyond. Rally Health, a Washington, D.C. based digital health company, is working to reimagine health engagement, offering simple ways for individuals to navigate the complex healthcare system, get access to care, and achieve their health and wellness goals. Rally Health brings a fresh and exciting element to cycling while reinforcing the team’s mission to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Lezyne Introduces Rally Cycling - Group
Pierrick Naud and Danny Pate. Photo © Rally Cycling/Sam Wiebe

“We are excited to become the title sponsor of the program, which will be known as Rally Cycling ( from 2016 moving forward,” said David Ko, Rally Health’s president and chief operating officer. “Cycling is a fantastic way to improve one’s health, both for lifestyle enthusiasts and professionals. We are inspired by these athletes, and know their stories will help motivate Rally users to stay active. The team’s dedication and commitment to excellence and healthy living are admirable. The team embodies the Rally Health mission and, together, we want to inspire people to be active and make better, more informed decisions about their health.”

“The partnership with Rally Health is an ideal continuation of the health and active lifestyle message that has been the foundation of our team since its inception,” said Circuit Sport Founder and Managing Director Charles Aaron. “Rally Cycling will be able to expand the reach of our healthy and active lifestyle message and affect further positive change in people’s lives.”

Lezyne Introduces Rally Cycling - Group Side Shot
Eric Young aboard a SRAM equipped Diamondback Podium team bike. Photo © Rally Cycling/Sam Wiebe

Eric Young aboard a SRAM equipped Diamondback Podium team bike. Photo © Rally Cycling/Sam Wiebe
Rally Cycling is the next step forward for a team that has been a fixture in the peloton since 2007 and has taken more than 260 competitive wins and 550 podiums. The men’s team heads into 2016 with the addition of former WorldTour riders Danny Pate and Evan Huffman. Four more North Americans will join Huffman and Pate in new Rally colors: Adam De Vos, an up-and-coming climber hailing from Victoria, British Columbia; Shane Kline, a field sprinter who rode for the Kelly Benefit Strategies team in 2009; Rob Britton, a strong general classification rider and Emerson Oronte, a Boulder, Colorado, based climbing specialist.

On the women’s side, Olympic and Pan Am medalist Jasmin Glaesser returns to anchor the team. A strong all-arounder, Glaesser is joined by her teammate on the Canadian pursuit squad Kirsti Lay. Together Glaesser and Lay will feature strongly in road races and are sure to play a part in Canada’s Olympic ambitions. In addition to Lay, new recruits include all-arounder Heather Fischer and time trial specialist Hannah Ross. Cyclocross racer Elle Anderson comes on board, along with sprint specialist Erica Allar and all-arounder Jessica Prinner to headline the team’s criterium contingent. Also joining the team is a quartet of young up-and-coming riders; Sara Poidevin, Catherine Ouellette and Katherine Maine of Canada and junior World Championship medalist Emma White of the United States.

Lezyne Introduces Rally Cycling - Jersey
Tom Soladay in the 2016 Rally Cycling kit by Borah. Photo © Rally Cycling/Sam Wiebe

Continued Success
Rally Cycling will continue the team’s long tradition of success on the racecourse while helping people make positive changes toward an active, healthy lifestyle. The original men’s program, under title sponsor Kelly Benefit Strategies, started in 2007 with a win at the USPRO Criterium National Championships – the only team in history to win the event in its first season.

“As the founding partner of the team, it is exciting to see the program take another step forward,” said John Kelly the president of Kelly Benefit Strategies. “Through the years we have enjoyed great results due to our amazing partners, dedicated staff and talented athletes. Having Rally Health as the title sponsor is a great continuation of the program’s legacy. Rally is committed to the same mission this team embodies – promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Under the direction of Olympians Jonas Carney, Eric Wohlberg, and Zach Bell, along with former WorldTour rider Patrick McCarty, the team has achieved major victories on the national and international stage. The men’s program took high profile wins at the Amgen Tour of California and Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah, podiums at the USA Pro Challenge and Tour of Alberta, along with multiple Amgen Tour of California King of the Mountain jerseys. The team has also won its hometown race, the North Star Grand Prix, for five consecutive years.

At the international level, the team has found success with an historic podium at La Course by Le Tour de France and a fourth place at the UCI World Team Time Trial Championships in 2014. In addition, the team has had tremendous success abroad taking wins in Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Thailand and Uruguay. With Rally Health, the team will continue to build and achieve even greater success.
Rally Cycling Men’s Team
Jesse Anthony | Newbury Park, CA
Rob Britton | Victoria, BC
Adam de Vos | Victoria, BC
Brad Huff | Springfield, MO
Evan Huffman | El Dorado Hills, CA
Shane Kline | Bally, PA
Pierrick Naud | Amos, Quebec
Emerson Oronte | Boulder, CO
Danny Pate | Colorado Springs, CO
Will Routley | Abbotsford, BC
Bjørn Selander | Hudson, WI
Thomas Soladay | Glendale, CA
Curtis White | Delanson, NY
Eric Young | Boulder, CO
Tom Zirbel | Boulder, CO

Rally Cycling Women’s Team
Erica Allar | Tucson, AZ
Elle Anderson | San Francisco, CA
Heather Fischer | Boulder, CO
Jasmin Glaesser | Coquitlam, BC
Kirsti Vivian Lay | Montreal, QC
Katherine Maine | Ottawa, ON
Sara Poidevin | Canmore, AB
Jessica Prinner | Saint Charles, MO
Hannah Ross | Wichita Falls, TX
Emma White | Delanson, NY
Catherine Ouellette | Saint-Lambert, QC

Connect with Rally Cycling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Riding Addiction/COMMENCAL becomes COMMENCAL/Vallnord

Riding Addiction/COMMENCAL becomes COMMENCAL/Vallnord

Riding Addiction/COMMENCAL becomes COMMENCAL/Vallnord

After six years of collaboration with the COMMENCAL brand, COMMENCAL/Riding Addiction is honoured to announce the arrival of a new Andorran partner, Vallnord resort! Still managed by the Riding Addiction structure with Thibaut and Gaëtan RUFFIN, Remi Thirion and Myriam Nicole (winner of 2011 World Cup), the team has changed names and will now be known as COMMENCAL/VALLNORD to honour the two main partners. Its bike park, its different enduro trails and its sports complex, make VALLNORD an ideal playground for the team. In addition, Gaëtan VIGE, a promising young rider, joins the team and will evolve in the Junior category for the next two seasons. Lezyne is proud to continue its sponsorship with COMMENCAL/Vallnord!

Read more about the new Vallnord sponsorship at PinkBike here.

Lotto Belisol Becomes Lotto Soudal

Lotto Belisol Becomes Lotto Soudal
Lotto Soudal

Lotto Belisol Becomes Lotto Soudal

For over 30 years, the Belgian National Lottery has been involved in professional cycling. Lotto riders have claimed over 760 victories making Lotto one of the most successful teams in professional cycling. Lezyne’s sponsorship of the Lotto Belisol team has been a great partnership. For 2015, Belisol has ended sponsorship of the team and Soudal has stepped in, which is Europe’s top manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and PU-foams since 1966. The newly renamed Lotto-Soudal team now continues with Tour de France stage winners Andre Greipel and Jurgen Van den Broeck, Grand Tour talents Jurgen Reolandts and Jelle Vanendert, as well as former Belgian National Road Champion Ludivine Henrion, and Cherise Taylor on the women’s team. The team also welcomes newcomers Jasper De Buyst and Thomas De Gendt. Lezyne is proud to continue this sponsorship and looks forward to many more victories to come for this strong and well-respected Belgian team.

Read more about the Soudal sponsorship at Cycling News here, and at the Lotto Belisol site here.

Riding Addiction Cairns World Cup Report


Riding Addiction Cairns World Cup Report

The Riding Addiction Team recently found some success in the Cairns World Cup in South Africa. The team gives a report of the event in their own words:

“The 2014 UCI World Cup has kicked off 3 weeks ago in South Africa. The team was really excited to start this new season. Myriam, Rémi, Cam, Thibaut and Gaëtan were motivated to have a good launch into this new season.

It’s always good to be back in South Africa, great atmosphere, wonderful landscapes, even if the track is not the most adored one : Everyone knew it would be one of the most physically demanding track of the season and this year track builders built some interesting new features to make it more technically. Adding this, dry and dusty conditions, it resulted a pretty tricky combo.

Myriam offered us the best surprise, usually not at her best on this track, she managed to get a really good 4th place. Cam was in the pace too with a promising 12th place, he had a clean run but admit with more confidence he could have been faster. Rémi had a really good top part split, which ranked him 6th, but he lost a lot in the pedaling section, he ended up 20th. Thibaut was further in the ranking with the 45th spot, disappointed with his run which missed a lot of rhythm. Gaëtan had a good come back in the top 80 with a 67th place, 1 month and half only after his collarbone surgery.”

To read the rest of the article, please follow this link.

Lezyne Welcomes African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team

Lezyne Welcomes African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team

Lezyne Welcomes African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team

Lezyne would like to welcome the African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team to our team!

In just 2 years, Melbourne-based African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team (AWSCT) has grown from a concept to one of the best equipped and performing cycling teams in Australia’s domestic competition. AWSCT is taking on the full National Road Series (NRS) calendar and selected UCI events as the team is newly registered as a UCI Continental Team for 2014. AWSCT is the only Australian team to make the step up to UCI Continental ranks this year. Driven by a charter to develop young riders and to contribute to society beyond racing, Scar Racing, the management behind AWSCT believe 2014 will provide opportunities to achieve this with a larger racing calendar, with a strengthened and growing roster and new committed international industry partners.

AWS Cycling Team will be riding with Lezyne bottle cages, multi-tools, and other Lezyne accessories. Check out their Facebook page and Lezyne page for more information on the team!

Lotto-Belisol: Greipel Wins Final Stage in Oman!

Lotto-Belisol: Greipel Wins Final Stage in Oman!

Lotto-Belisol: Greipel Wins Final Stage in Oman!

Andrè Greipel ends the Tour of Oman in dominating fashion! Greipel takes the final stage with his third win of the tour, sealing a very successful endeavor for the Lotto-Belisol team! Congratulations to Greipel and the entire Lotto team!

Bart Leysen, sports director: “Today we aimed for another bunch sprint. The beginning of the stage was very tough. The plan was to have one of our riders in a breakaway, so we shouldn’t have to lead the chase. First Jurgen Van den Broeck jumped away with Kreuziger and Nibali. They stayed in front for about five kilometers. Then Pim Ligthart attacked and later it was up to Gert Dockx. But the escapees didn’t get any space. Katusha wanted to let it all explode on the last climb and closed the gap. Halfway a front group of three was formed which stayed ahead until the final. We kept them under control with Lars Bak and Gert Dockx. Marcel Sieberg and Jürgen Roelandts dropped off Andrè Greipel perfectly again and he sprinted towards the victory.”

“These two weeks in Qatar and Oman have been successful. We won four out of twelve stages. With Jürgen Roelandts and Andrè Greipel we came close to an extra win in Qatar. It proves the whole team is good. The guys can go home in perfect condition for the Belgian opening weekend. We can’t wish for anything more. Also Tony Gallopin and Jurgen van den Broeck have done an excellent job for the team. They are still building up and their goals are yet to come.”

André Greipel Wins Stage 5 at Tour of Qatar

Andr´ Greipel Wins Stage 5 at Tour of Qatar


With a perfectly initiated bunch sprint by Lotto-Belisol, André Greipel was the fastest at the finish of the 5th stage at Tour of Qatar. The German champion could go home with the flowers after the win today.

From Andr´ Greipel: “The team did a great job. There were no echelons today. Starting from 60 km before the end Lars Bak and Gert Dockx were pulling to get the breakaway back and put the rest of us out of the wind all day. We didn’t get any help. After 30 kilometers we left it to the other teams. The gap started decreasing again with 20 km to go. Kris Boeckmans led us up to the 2 km sign as it was important to be in front there with the crosswinds. Sieberg and Roelandts took the lead in the final kilometer and did it perfect like always. I could save myself until 200 meters to go. Everyone did his part for the victory.”

Congratulations to Andr´ Greipel and the rest of Lotto Belisol! Link to the old article here.

Cameron COLE with COMMENCAL Riding Addiction for 2014!

Cameron COLE with COMMENCAL Riding Addiction for 2014!

They can finally confirm the rumors… COMMENCAL Riding Addiction is strengthening their squad in 2014 with the addition of Cameron COLE! Riding Addiction welcomes this new rider with open arms!

From team manager, Thibaut Ruffin: “It’s been a couple of seasons we wanted to give a more ‘international’ aspect to the team, when Cam approached me a few weeks ago, he was definitely the rider who could perfectly fit in with what we were working for. He’s a great guy with incredible riding skills, we couldn’t expect for a better rider and team mate. It’s going to be a really exciting season with a really strong line up in the team and we are all looking forward to get back racing and bring to all our riders the keys to achieve their goals.”

Lezyne continues their support and sponsorship of COMMENCAL Riding Addiction and can’t wait to see their new rider in action! Congratulations to Cam Cole and cheers to what should be an exciting 2014 season!