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Bike Rumor Tests SV 11 MultiTool


Bike Rumor Tests SV 11 MultiTool

Bike Rumor took to the mountain trails to test the Lezyne SV-11 multitool, putting it to the test in real conditions. For those who hit the trails hard and need a sturdy, durable tool to fit into your pocket, the SV-11 tool will surely handle any job you throw at it.

“For quick repairs, the tool has performed everything demanded, and looks no worse for the wear after months of living at the bottom of my hydration pack. Each of the bits appears to be very high quality and we can’t complain about the weight or ergonomics. If you’re in the market for a multitool that packs in lots of features, and will last for years, the Lezyne SV-11 is well worth a look.”

For the full review, visit, and don’t hesitate to get the tool for yourself over at

Robonza Reviews the Alloy Drive Hand Pump

Alloy Drive Hand Pump

Robonza Reviews the Alloy Drive Hand Pump

The riders of Robonza took to the mountain trails with our Lezyne Alloy Drive hand pump. It seems safe to say that they highly enjoyed using our premium high volume hand pump.

“Do you not have a pump or need a new pump? You totally do and you should buy the Lezyne Alloy Drive Pump. It is the best mini pump ever. We’ve all been there, you get a flat and 400 pumps latter you snap off the presta valve. The Lezyne Alloy Drive has a removable tube similar to a floor pump that not only prevents you from breaking off presta valves but also alloys you to get a secure connection on shorter valve stems.”

“I previously had a favorite pump, but on a group ride the other night there were 3 flats and one 38mm tube that would not let my mini pump fit on. I tried a valve extender, but that failed. My buddy whipped this out of his bag and the tube filled in like 30 seconds. AMAZING!”

Kind words from our friends at Robonza. Click here to view the full article for yourself.

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive Hailed as a “really small and powerful beast” by The Fixed Life

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 3.13.00 PM

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive Hailed as a “really small and powerful beast” by The Fixed Life

Our friends over at The Fixed Life reviewed our High-Pressure Micro Floor Drive, noting its size, strength and reliability.

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP is a beast, a really small and powerful beast. Maximum psi for this pump is 160psi, that is well beyond what most of us need for day to day riding. The barrel, shaft, base, and handle are all made of CNC machined aluminum. This makes for a well constructed lightweight pump. It is only 300mm in length and weighs 150 grams. It is small enough to throw in your bag or in the rear pocket of your jacket but is a little too big for a rear jersey pocket. The threaded chuck can be used for both Schrader and Presta valves which is amazing! This feature is great for those of us that ride different disciplines. The Lezyne pump also features and ABS (air bleed system) that is built into the chuck, this is a super handy feature that is available on tons of floor pumps but never really seen on micro pumps.

Check out the full review HERE

Shock Digital Drive Wrecked and Rated

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 11.49.36 AM

Shock Digital Drive Wrecked and Rated

Lezyne’s Shock Digital Drive made an appearance in MBUK’s Wrecked and Rated section as it scored 3.5 out of 5 stars from the MBUK critics. With it’s super accurate digital gauge and accu-pressure ABS feature, you can fine tune your shock pressure to perfection.

As MBUK put it, “if you tinker with pressures constantly, this’ll make things way easier.”

TriRadar’s Verdict on Lezyne Energy Caddy


TriRadar’s Verdict on Lezyne Energy Caddy

TriRadar recently got a hold of our Energy Caddy to test out how much energy you can really pack into this organizer. They were impressed by the results, giving our Lezyne Energy Caddy a 4-out-of-5 in all three categories, including: performance, value and overall rating.

“Verdict: A surprisingly capacious, secure storage box for easy feeding. There might be bigger nutrition boxes, but we managed to cram an impressive six large gels inside before closing the mesh velcro became a problem.”

Read the full review right here! Tests Lezyne’s Sport Digital Drive

Sport Digital Drive – Sport Digital Drive Tests Lezyne’s Sport Digital Drive scored Lezyne’s Sport Digital Floor Drive as a 4-star quality pump in their recent test and review.

“I found the digital gauge hugely useful. It’s simply easier to inflate the tyre to the desired pressure. You can be very accurate to the exact pressure you want. DV head: it’s a big improvement on the old screw-on nozzle on the original Lezyne track pump that is still doing service in my garage.”

Check out the full review at to see all the good things they had to say about our highly accurate pump. Takes a Look At Lezyne’s New Products

Lezyne's New Products Lezyne’s New Products Takes a Look At Lezyne’s New Products took the time during Taipei Cycle Show 2014 to come by the Lezyne booth and take a little sneak peek at some of the new goodies that we have to offer for the next year. Although these products are still in the works, take a look at their recent article that reviews our new products that they got to take a look at during Taipei Show 2014.

Velo Mag Reviews Lezyne Micro Floor Drive and Classic Floor Drive

Velo Mag Reviews the Micro and Classic Floor Drives

Velo Mag Reviews Lezyne Micro Floor Drive and Classic Floor Drive

The French cycling magazine, Velo Mag, had some kind words about our Micro Floor Drives and Classic Floor Drive.

Translated from the above reviews:

Lezyne Classic Floor Drive – “With its reversible tip adjusting to two types of valves, piston body and its steel and aluminum base, this pump is indestructible. Not to mention its sleek look, surmounted on it is a beautiful wood handle.”

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive – “Two high-pressure and high-volume models used to inflate to desired pressure any tire with any valve. Micro has the advantage of a super sturdy foot pump which has the great merit to slip in your bags without weighing it down.”

Macro Drive LED Review by

Lezyne Macro Drive by

Picture courtesy of recently reviewed our Macro Drive LED light and impressed the critics on its road and country capabilities.

“Performance out on the road is pretty impressive, better than I expected to be perfectly honest as the single LED chucks out a good spread of light. On unlit country lanes you get a decent amount of light from the front of your tyre which then increases in intensity right up to the main spot, a good ten to twelve feet ahead depending on how you’ve got it set up on the bars obviously.”

The final verdict? A 4-out-of-5 star rating with the nod of “top performing city commuter light with a beam capable of lighting up the country lanes for a good price!”

Check out the full review here.