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The Dutch online publication had some positive words for our popular hand pump with floor pump efficiency, the Micro Floor Drive HVG. The article is of course, all written in Dutch, but in summary, it explains all pump features and heralds the ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and overall beautiful looks of the pump. The foot stand for stability and long hose is seen as a great convenience, as well as the fact that this popular little pump is lightweight and easy to use. also speaks of the familiar inconvenience of encountering a flat or a damaged tube, and needing a quick fix. Looks like our Micro Floor Drive HVG fits the bill!

View the entire review here, and read more about/shop our Micro Floor Drive HVG here. Reviews the New Lezyne Strip Drives Reviews the New Lezyne Strip Drives
Image: Reviews the New Lezyne Strip Drives

We over here at Lezyne are pretty excited about our new Strip Drive line, which includes a front, rear and Pro (rear) version. has always been on a roll with reviewing our new product lines every year, and they had nothing but good things to say about the new Strip Drives.

“Lezyne has introduced a new range of Strip Drive front and rear lights that can fit any shape of handlebar or seatpost, including aero options.

“There are two rear lights in the Strip Drive range along with a front light, each containing five LEDs.

“The higher level rear light is the Strip Drive Pro. It’s co-moulded meaning that the lens and the body are an integrated whole so that water can’t get inside. The control button is shielded away underneath the rubber outer so that rain can’t get in there either.”

Read the entire review here.

Read more about the Strip Drives as part of our new Y9 LED collection here.

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV wins Trail Pump Shootout

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV wins Trail Pump Shootout

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV wins Trail Pump Shootout

Online publication, “Born of a love for FatBikes and all things FAT”, pitted our very own Micro Floor Drive HV against two other contenders in the market, The SKS Spaero Double Action and the Topeak Mountain Morph, for their first ever shootout. The shootout judges each pump on weight, ergonomics and the number of cycles it took to reach 7 PSI, and is complete with personal accounts and plenty of charts to map out the results.

“At the end of the test, I put the Lezyne Micro Floor HV in the frame pack on my fat-bike and retired my Mountain Morph to my Krampus frame bag. That’s a pretty telling summary of this trail pump shoot-out. We declare the Lezyne the winner, with the Topeak coming in a close second and the Spaero a somewhat distant third.”

Read the entire article right here.

Dirt Rag Previews the Lezyne GPS Line

Dirt Rag Previews the Lezyne GPS Line

Dirt Rag Previews the Lezyne GPS Line

There’s obviously been a lot of buzz about our new GPS line, and Mike Cushionbury of Dirt Rag Mag is the latest to speak up about this exciting new release! Mike gives a rundown of the product line, and got his hands on a GPS Mini, which he took out for a spin on San Luis Obispo’s Madonna Mountain and returned with anticipation for its official release.

“Lezyne has made a bold move. The company is well known for creating beautiful, machined aluminum pumps and tire levers. It’s since grown exponentially to include bottle cages, tools and lights. Now, in its ninth year of existence the brand is unabashedly going head to head with GPS leader Garmin…Overall, Lezyne has created a GPS with a lot of promise, and promises. I like the simplicity, the size and the interaction it’s claiming. It’s a GPS I’m excited about.”

Read Mike’s review here.

Check out more information about the Lezyne GPS line here.

Bike Magazine Reviews the Lezyne Mini GPS

Bike Magazine Reviews the Lezyne Mini GPS

Bike Magazine Reviews the Lezyne Mini GPS

We here at Lezyne are obviously, truly excited about the release of our GPS line, which will be shipped out very soon! Bike Magazine has a nice review on the GPS Mini, the smallest of the three devices that will be available. The elegant Mini GPS is compact, powerful and ideal for the cycling minimalist. Simply turn it on, press start and go for a ride. Essential ride data is presented on a sharp, easy to read, semi-customizable display and logged for later analysis. The display also features auto-scrolling ride info, custom lap presets and an optional auto start/stop function. An optimized GPS recording system stores up to 100 hours of data and can be easily accessed via flash drive technology. Rides are saved as .fit files for cross-compatibility with third-party interfaces like Strava™ and TrainingPeaks®. Housed in a stylish aluminum bezel, the computer features a simple three-button operation and is micro USB rechargeable for up to 10 hours of runtime.

“The Lezyne Mini GPS is the smallest stand-alone GPS unit we’ve seen, but the California-based brand has big goals. Ever since GPS units started making their way onto bicycles, there’s been one clear market leader: Garmin. There are some other nice units out there, but Garmin is slaying it with a whopping seven cycling-specific computers starting at just $130. Lezyne recently announced the release of three new computers in an effort to grab a piece of the global positioning pie, starting with the Mini GPS.”

Read more here!

The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS

The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS

The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS

The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here…the next generation of the cycling computer: Lezyne GPS! This new category was revealed at Taipei Cycle Show 2015 and quickly garnered loads of attention. Apart from blowing up Twitter and Instagram, we’ve also been getting plenty of GPS coverage across the media-sphere from outlets including Pinkbike,, Bikeradar, and Bikerumor. The momentum we have going is astounding and we have even bigger plans for GPS as we keep stoking the fire! Here a few links highlighting our entry into the world of GPS. Be sure to keep checking back as we continue to add more breaking stories.


The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS - Bikerumor
Image: Bikerumor

“For a company that’s outwardly focused on non-electronic devices, the move to computers may seem a stretch. But, word on the street is their lights make up a rather significant portion of the company’s sales, and those LED lights led them into electronics, so this was a logical next step. As product manager Kyle Casteel explained, “We already had the engineers and the resources, and they were looking for a new challenge.” What makes their entry into the category noteworthy isn’t necessarily the features, which are very good, but rather the price and the size, which are phenomenal.” Read More…

The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS -

“Our Mat is out in Taipei at the moment and he Skyped us from a cocktail party (this really happened) to let us know about the new range of GPS computers that Lezyne are announcing today. He’s dedicated, is Mat. Both to the imparting of great tech news and the imbibing of vodka and tonic.” Read More…


The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS - Pinkbike
Image: Pinkbike

“Following a two year development project, Lezyne has entered into the GPS market. Three units were presented to the media at yesterday’s launch in Taipei: the Mini, Power and Super. Kyle Casteel, Lezyne’s worldwide product manager, says, ‘It was a two year project that involved twelve designers. In fact, we had to take on new staff to fulfill the project, but you will see it was not only developing the GPS units themselves, but also the website and applications that will be involved and the communication with other devices. It was a long endeavor, and a huge learning curve. We developed this product from scratch, including all the internal programming, all the GPS units, the interaction, and from the website to the apps it is all done in-house. We’re pretty excited about it, and it’s a whole new category. We came from developing pumps and mini-tools, then later branching out in to LEDs was a huge market for us, which opened the door to GPS computers.'” Read More…


The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS - Bicycling Mag
Image: Bicycling

“Lezyne is best known for its multi-tools and pumps, but now it’s branching into the electronic arm of the cycling market with the introduction of GPS computers. Using GPS and wireless, the new computers can read a rider’s power output, speed, distance, and heart rate, while pairing with smartphones and other training devices.” Read More…


The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS - Bikeradar
Image: Bikeradar

“Lezyne is expanding its bicycle accessories empire with a whole new category: GPS computers. Three new models are coming this year, ranging from a small-and-simple unit with just the bare essentials, to a fully featured model with all the bells and whistles.” Read More…

Road Cycling UK

The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS - Road Cycling UK
Image: Road Cycling UK

“Accessories experts Lezyne, who make some of the finest pumps, tools and lights on the market, have launched three GPS-ready computers at the Taipei Cycle Show.” Read More…

Cycling Weekly

The Word Is Out on Lezyne GPS - Cycling Weekly
Image: Cycling Weekly

“Lezyne has launched a range of three cycling GPS computers, including the smallest available.” Read More…

More Media Coverage:

Peloton Magazine
Bicycle Retailer
220 Triathlon

Read more about the new Lezyne GPS cycling computer line at

The Brighter Cyclist Reviews the Lezyne Deca Drive

The Brighter Cyclist Reviews the Lezyne Deca Drive

The Brighter Cyclist Reviews the Lezyne Deca Drive

We obviously love our product reviews, but it’s not often that we get one in video form. The Brighter Cyclist, a UK-based youtube reviewer, had some great words to say about or Deca Drive. The Deca Drive is designed with a sleek CNC-sculpted aluminum body in a compact, self-contained configuration. It features Constant Lumens power management that drives three LEDs at a steady and bright 900 lm. Overdrive Race Mode makes it possible for quick switching between Overdrive and Economy, and its Infinite Light design allows for on-demand battery replacement. The Intelligent Power Indicator button allows the user to check the power level any time. It is recharged either with fast, high efficiency, 2 Amp recharging with a compatible wall adaptor, or via a Micro USB cable for ultimate convenience. The Deca Drive’s Composite Matrix hard mounts secure the light to 31.8 mm and 25.4 mm handlebars. It is also available in the Fully Loaded package with aluminum handlebar mounts (31.8mm and 25.4mm), a spare battery pack, a Micro USB charging cable, and CM storage case.

Check out the original post here!

Bikemagic Reviews the Lezyne Femto Drive

Bikemagic Reviews the Lezyne Femto Drive
Image: Bikemagic

Bikemagic Reviews the Lezyne Femto Drive

Bikemagic is an online source for everything and anything mountain biking, including news, reviews, videos, gear, events, and more. They recently got their hands on one of our best selling Femto Drive lights (available as a front or rear LED) and took it for a spin! The Femto Drive Front is a bright, ultra-compact, 15 lumen safety light. It features an integrated lens switch made of high-grade optical material, which serves as an activation button that cycles through four Flash modes and one Solid mode. The CNC –machined aluminum body is lightweight, durable, and extremely weather-resistant. The Composite Matrix back cap features the Clip-On System for versatile strapped or clipped mounting. The multi-position silicon rubber strap attaches directly to the back plate to secure the light to a wide range of handle bar diameters. The Side Visibility lens extends beyond the body providing 180 degrees visibility, and increasing user safety. The back cap can easily be unscrewed to replace the two CR2032 disposable batteries. The Femto Drive Front is available as a single front LED, or as a front/rear pair (Femto Drive Front and Rear). Replacement CR2032 batteries are also available in packs of 2 and 8.

“Continuing the American manufacturer’s history of truly eye-catching design, the Femto Drive lights feature a brushed engineered alloy body, which comes in seven different colours, and a durable rubber strap. The strap’s clip mechanism is especially simplistic, quick and easy to operate even with the most cumbersome of winter gloves on.
Read more at”

Read the full review here. Reviews the Lezyne Phone Wallet Reviews the Lezyne Phone Wallet
Image: Reviews the Lezyne Phone Wallet

The folks over at got their hands on one of our best-selling Phone Wallets and gave it some pretty good feedback! The Lezyne Phone Wallet is a streamlined single fold design that makes this wallet a great smartphone organizer for the jersey pocket or pack. The smartphone is stored in a water resistant zippered pocket with a seam welded, clear panel that is touchscreen compatible providing protected access. The clear panel is protected by a velcro cover with four integrated card slots for money and identification. It is designed to fit most modern smartphones.

“Lezyne’s Phone Wallet is a handy pack for keeping your phone safe and for carrying some cards and ID, so handy in fact I haven’t restricted it to just on the bike usage.”

Read the entire review here!

Shop the Lezyne Phone Wallet here. Reviews the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive Reviews the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive Reviews the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive is on to us again, with a review on our newly revamped Alloy Floor Drive. The Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive is a high pressure floor pump with a CNC machined aluminum barrel and base, a steel piston, and an aluminum and varnished wood handle. The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and long rubber hose easily reach both Presta and Schrader valves on a stand. The included Speed Chuck makes this pump compatible with disc wheels. The 3.5″ oversized gauge is precise and easy to read. An anodized high-polish finish makes this pump stylish and durable.

“A good track pump is a worthy investment especially if you run tyres with high pressures. Thanks to its clever Flip-Thread chuck the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive works with every type of valve and valve extender we’ve tried and without any of that fuss of wiggling the connector or refitting to get it started. Quite frankly it’s brilliant.”

Read the entire review here!