Year 7

Angie Hohenwater, Freerider. Team LEZYNE.

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“Mountain biking is a passion for me, there are no words to describe it, it´s simply there. For the upcoming years, I want to stay healthy, ride my bike all over the World, share my passion with others, plan some big projects and just have fun.”

Year 5

Lezyne Stainless Steel Tools

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Our lightweight and durable stainless steel tools are substantial—it is everything you need for roadside or trailside repairs. There are 3 integrated spoke wrenches and a cast steel chain breaker, with forged aluminum side plates, stainless steel bits, and fastening hardware that is corrosion resistant. Forged, center-pivot bits increase tool rigidity and improve ergonomics.

Year 1

Heal all wounds.

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It’s best to be prepared with a compact roadside puncture kit. Simple and efficient, the Lezyne Patch Kit comes with 6 supple glueless patches, an emergency tire boot, and a small stainless steel tube scuffer.

Year 6

Bike Shop in Your Pocket.

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Lezyne Carbon Multitools use carbon, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium to make the ultimate multi tools. See the forged, center-pivot, stainless steel bits? So lightweight, so durable, you’ll never miss an epic ride.