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Enduro MTB Visits Lezyne California Headquarters

Enduro MTB Visits Lezynes California Headquarters
Enduro MTB Visits Lezynes California Headquarters

Enduro MTB Visits Lezynes California Headquarters

Our friends at Enduro Mountainbike Magazine came to visit our sunny, California headquarters earlier this year! They got a first hand look at our clean, hardworking environment and were shown the best time possible. Enduro got a whole new look at how Lezyne works by seeing our marketing, sales, and R&D working in house.

“Lezyne was started on principles of creating good looking, sharp, and classy products that perform exceedingly well. Lezyne does all of it’s design and testing in house. Sure, they also have phenomenal riding right out the door in gorgeous San Luis Obispo. They also sponsor top name riders like Cedric Gracia, Angie Hohenwarter, and Danny MacAskill.”

We hope that the guys at Enduro can come back for another visit! To read the full article and to see the rest of the pictures taken in our California headquarters, click here.

Bike Rumor Tours Lezyne Factory

Bike Rumor Tours Lezyne Factory

Bike Rumor Tours Lezyne Factory

Here’s a great article from our friends at Do you want to know how we make such beautifully designed and fine engineered bicycle products? Take a look!

“Since their beginnings in 2007, Lezyne has always been about design. Even the name Lezyne is supposed to bring the word design to mind (which is why they rhyme, it’s not pronounced le-zeen). Lezyne is the brain child of Micki Kozuschek, a former professional triathlete, who started on the business side of the bike industry with Maxcycles. From there, Micki moved to the US and founded a company you have have heard of, called Truvativ which as we know, was later sold to SRAM in 2004. Three years later, Micki was back with a new project, Lezyne – Engineered Design.” – Read the full article to see how we do things in our modern Taiwan factory!

Robonza Reviews the Alloy Drive Hand Pump

Alloy Drive Hand Pump

Robonza Reviews the Alloy Drive Hand Pump

The riders of Robonza took to the mountain trails with our Lezyne Alloy Drive hand pump. It seems safe to say that they highly enjoyed using our premium high volume hand pump.

“Do you not have a pump or need a new pump? You totally do and you should buy the Lezyne Alloy Drive Pump. It is the best mini pump ever. We’ve all been there, you get a flat and 400 pumps latter you snap off the presta valve. The Lezyne Alloy Drive has a removable tube similar to a floor pump that not only prevents you from breaking off presta valves but also alloys you to get a secure connection on shorter valve stems.”

“I previously had a favorite pump, but on a group ride the other night there were 3 flats and one 38mm tube that would not let my mini pump fit on. I tried a valve extender, but that failed. My buddy whipped this out of his bag and the tube filled in like 30 seconds. AMAZING!”

Kind words from our friends at Robonza. Click here to view the full article for yourself.

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive Hailed as a “really small and powerful beast” by The Fixed Life

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 3.13.00 PM

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive Hailed as a “really small and powerful beast” by The Fixed Life

Our friends over at The Fixed Life reviewed our High-Pressure Micro Floor Drive, noting its size, strength and reliability.

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP is a beast, a really small and powerful beast. Maximum psi for this pump is 160psi, that is well beyond what most of us need for day to day riding. The barrel, shaft, base, and handle are all made of CNC machined aluminum. This makes for a well constructed lightweight pump. It is only 300mm in length and weighs 150 grams. It is small enough to throw in your bag or in the rear pocket of your jacket but is a little too big for a rear jersey pocket. The threaded chuck can be used for both Schrader and Presta valves which is amazing! This feature is great for those of us that ride different disciplines. The Lezyne pump also features and ABS (air bleed system) that is built into the chuck, this is a super handy feature that is available on tons of floor pumps but never really seen on micro pumps.

Check out the full review HERE

Riding Addiction Cairns World Cup Report


Riding Addiction Cairns World Cup Report

The Riding Addiction Team recently found some success in the Cairns World Cup in South Africa. The team gives a report of the event in their own words:

“The 2014 UCI World Cup has kicked off 3 weeks ago in South Africa. The team was really excited to start this new season. Myriam, Rémi, Cam, Thibaut and Gaëtan were motivated to have a good launch into this new season.

It’s always good to be back in South Africa, great atmosphere, wonderful landscapes, even if the track is not the most adored one : Everyone knew it would be one of the most physically demanding track of the season and this year track builders built some interesting new features to make it more technically. Adding this, dry and dusty conditions, it resulted a pretty tricky combo.

Myriam offered us the best surprise, usually not at her best on this track, she managed to get a really good 4th place. Cam was in the pace too with a promising 12th place, he had a clean run but admit with more confidence he could have been faster. Rémi had a really good top part split, which ranked him 6th, but he lost a lot in the pedaling section, he ended up 20th. Thibaut was further in the ranking with the 45th spot, disappointed with his run which missed a lot of rhythm. Gaëtan had a good come back in the top 80 with a 67th place, 1 month and half only after his collarbone surgery.”

To read the rest of the article, please follow this link.

Lezyne Team Finds a Tiny Tradition

Boxes sunflair

A Band of Brothers Unloading a Box

Lezyne team finds a tiny tradition when the time comes for Lezyne’s US warehouse to replenish its premium product reserves, it calls on a massive shipment straight from its manufacturing headquarters in Taiwan. Filled from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with fresh off-the-line goodies, peeling back the door to this massive inventory cache would seem to be an insurmountable task to a solitary one-man shipping department.

Such a task has been known to occupy the majority of a workweek to unload, log and compile all products into the warehouse. But here at Lezyne, employees rarely find that their day-to-day activities reflect that of their current position or title. In order to align with the style of this company, an employee must not only be a jack-of-all-trades but must also live to embrace the random.

Which is why every somber Friday morning, espresso in hand, a mess of Lezyne team members swarm the newfound product shipment to tackle the unload job in record time. While this seems like a common occurrence to some, it is quite rare to see such specialists in their specific departments band together on a single project.


Engineers, salesmen, graphic designers and marketers come together to unload their own livelihood out of a metal box, onto and shelf, and soon into the passionate hands of their customers. In what has become a microcosmic tradition, the Lezyne team pools its resources and discovers that what had previously taken days to accomplish, could be swiftly executed in less than one hour.
IMG_6138 copy
The events that unfold on a foggy Friday morning can be seen as yet another example of how Lezyne is constantly striving to become hyper-efficient and relentlessly cost-effective; a trademark characteristic that results in the highest quality and most affordable premium bike accessories on the market. Next time you see a semi truck barreling down the road loaded with unmarked consumer goods, think twice and see that perhaps this hollow hunk of metal might mean a whole lot more to a motley team of bike enthusiasts.

Shock Digital Drive Wrecked and Rated

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 11.49.36 AM

Shock Digital Drive Wrecked and Rated

Lezyne’s Shock Digital Drive made an appearance in MBUK’s Wrecked and Rated section as it scored 3.5 out of 5 stars from the MBUK critics. With it’s super accurate digital gauge and accu-pressure ABS feature, you can fine tune your shock pressure to perfection.

As MBUK put it, “if you tinker with pressures constantly, this’ll make things way easier.”

Mike Kluge Cyclocross at Lezyne USA

Mike Kluge Cyclocross at Lezyne USA

Lezyne welcomes Mike Kluge as he visits our headquarters in San Luis Obispo and rides his crossbike through this beautiful area of California.

Join us on an adventure as Mike tears up the trails on his cross bike and has a custom Lezyne product made in less than two hours.

Mike is our newest ambassador to join the Lezyne family and has been cycling professionally since 1988, achieving many accomplishments throughout his long career. Some of Mike Kluge’s achievements includes Downhill World Cup Champion, 3-times World Champion Cycle Cross (2x Am 85+87 + 1x Pro 92), Road Tour winner in 1984 and many more! Although it has been 13 years since his racing career achievements, he still rides with the same passion. Mike states, cycling was the best thing, that could have happened to him, to exercise at work and travel around the world to meet interesting people.

One other major step in his career, was building his own bike brand, Focus Bikes in 1992. Besides sitting on his bike, Mike is also racing on 4 wheels.

Today he is a consultant and trainer; not just for ambitious amateurs and professionals but also for cycling enthusiasts. Mike will play an important role for Lezyne, representing its products at bike events and 24-hour races in Germany and beyond.

Checkout Photos and more on his athlete page here:

Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite Ultra Compact Carbon Fiber Hand Pump

Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite Ultra Compact Carbon Fiber Hand Pump

Introducing the lightweight and high pressure Carbon Drive lite, our ultra compact carbon fiber hand pump.

The Carbon Drive lite features a matrix carbon technology design that blends composite matrix with carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase structural stability, making it our most lightweight matrix carbon hand pump.Weighing in at just 80 grams, the Carbon Drive Lite features the high-pressure ABS flex hose, capable of producing 120psi.

Learn more about the Carbon drive Lite here

Lezyne Carbon Road Drive 2014 The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Hand Pump

Lezyne Carbon Road Drive 2014 The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Hand Pump

Introducing the ultra-lightweight Carbon Road Drive, the ultimate high-pressure carbon fiber hand pump.

The Carbon Road Drive features a full carbon technology design to reduce weight and increase structural stability, making it our most lightweight premium hand pump. The carbon fiber construction uses an overlapping pump handle to maximize pump strokes while maintaining compactness, for fast and easy tire inflation wherever you may ride. Weighing in at just 80 grams the Carbon Road Drive features the high-pressure ABS speed flex hose, capable of producing 160psi.

Learn more about this pump here