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Lezyne Launches New MacAskill Signature Products

San Luis Obispo, CA – Lezyne is proud to announce it will continue it’s cooperation with Danny MacAskill for another two years. To commemorate the renewed relationship, Lezyne is excited to launch the new MacAskill Signature products: The MacAskill Block tool and MacAskill Travel Drive pump. 

Lezyne met with Danny at this year’s Eurobike Expo, where talk of a signature line started. “When we met, we knew we wanted to continue our relationship with Danny. Its been a great year working with him and we are excited to be signed on for another 2-years. We also wanted to do something special with Danny by making something that meets his needs as a pro athlete.” says Patrick Ribera-McKay, Lezyne’s Marketing Manager. 

In no time, ideas on paper turned in to real products tailored for Danny, and the rider-mechanic in all of us. The result is a tool and travel pump that are equally suited for use on the bike at home or on the road, easy to carry, with the quality, durability, and style of Lezyne’s Shop Tools. In fact, that quality and stylish design are the main reasons why the Scottish YouTube sensation chose to enter into a partnership with Lezyne.

MacAskill and Lezyne started their cooperation earlier this year and so far both sides have benefited from this decision. The YouTube project ‘Danny MacAskill Insights,’ already past the one million views benchmark, shows the star athlete returning home to Edinburgh, where he visited his roots and tried out his Lezyne equipment for the first time. (The link to the clip). Lezyne also worked with Danny over the summer, where Danny took part in a bike mechanic workshop at a trial youth camp. Lezyne supported this event with a screwdriver workshop, where they taught kids how to utilize a bike multi-tool. You’ll find the video HERE.

The MacAskill Series will be available in stores starting February 2013.

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Angie Joins Lezyne’s Ambassadors

Angie Joins Lezyne’s Ambassadors

Lezyne is proud to announce that 4x racer and freerider Angie Hohenwarter will join our team of Ambassadors in 2013. Angie has been riding and racing since she was 9 years old. She started with XC, but got bored and moved on to DH and 4X. Now she rides her bike all around the world, sharing her passion for cycling with everyone she comes across. Lezyne first talked to Angie at this year’s Eurobike tradeshow, where she met with Marketing Manager, Patrick Ribera-Mckay. “Angie’s passion for cycling, results, and her plans for what she wants to do in 2013 left an impression. We are glad to have her on board and look forward to working together next year,” said McKay. Angie is a long-time Lezyne fan and had this to say about joining the team. “I’m stoked to be with Lezyne now. Lezyne always was such an eye catcher for me. I love the simple and strong design, and function of their products and I can’t imagine a better partner to take with me on my travels because now 100% prepared for every situation. Thanks guys!”

For 2013, Angie will be riding with Lezyne’s multi-tools, pump, tire repair, organizers, and LED light systems.

Learn more about Angie on her Ambassador Page or her official website.

Lezyne Ambassador Rachel Neylan Won World Champs and Silver Medal for Australia

Lezyne Ambassador Rachel Neylan Won World Champs and Silver Medal for Australia

Lezyne Ambassador Rachel Neylan Won World Champs and Silver Medal for Australia

“This has truly been the most incredible week…I have had some happy times in my life but nothing could have prepared me for this. Last Saturday I raced the World Championships and won the Silver Medal for Australia. The first women’s road worlds medal in seven years. I am completely honoured, proud and humbled by not only the opportunity to gain such a result and standing on that podium but by the overwhelming support, wishes and genuine happiness that has been flowing my way all week…..”


Specialized lululemon Girls Crowned World TTT Champs

Specialized lululemon Girls Crowned World TTT Champs

Specialized lululemon Girls Crowned World TTT Champs

“Team Specialized-lululemon won the inaugural Women’s Team Time Trial World Championships race in Limburg, Holland on Sunday….”

Apparently it was a 34km course in which they trumped the closest opponents Orica Green Edge by 24 seconds. Well done ladies. The full article and PHOTO GALLERY (which is amazing!!) are located HERE.

Bobby McMullen Gets a Feature Article in Adventure Sports Journal

Bobby McMullen is featured in Adventure Sports Journal — “Racing Blind: How one person is changing what’s possible on a mountain bike”. This is such awesome exposure for Bobby and another step towards enlightening us on exactly how and why Bobby rides mountain bikes.

This article is from

Link to Article:’s-possible-on-a-mountain-bike