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Angie Hohenwarter’s Ladies Session 2016

Angie Hohenwarter's Ladies Session 2016 - Flyer

Lezyne Ambassador Angie Hohenwarter co-organizes a weekend of fun in the Austrian Alps

Last weekend marked the first Ladies Sessions event of the year, where pro rider Angie Hohenwarter and Bine Höll of Spielberghaus organized a weekend of skills training, riding, relaxation and fun for a group of 14 ladies from around Europe. This long weekend in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria (Thursday through Sunday) provided a variety of bike-related (and unrelated) entertainment for the select group.

Angie Hohenwarter's Ladies Session 2016 - Stretching

With the emphasis being on fun, Angie schedules the weekend to not only be about riding, but also building camaraderie with the participants of the camp. While the riders did spend a significant amount of time on the bike, much of their time was also spent competing in various bike related challenges and clinics to promote the fun atmosphere.

Angie Hohenwarter's Ladies Session 2016 - Bottlecap Game

The camp began on Thursday with a BBQ, distributing goodie bags to riders with essentials for the weekend (including a Lezyne RAP Tool, HV Drive hand pump and Lever Kit), and some fun challenges such as the beer cap game shown above.

Angie Hohenwarter's Ladies Session 2016 - Lever Kits

With a break in the rainy weather, Friday made for a perfect time for some UCI Downhill World Cup spectating in Leogang, as well as some practice runs at the local bike park.

Saturday was the most challenging of the days for the riders, as early that morning they were shuttled to the top of Schattberg (one of the close-by Alps) where they tested their skills down the descent, with Angie providing feedback and tips throughout the ride. Following their adventurous ride, the participants headed over to the Alpin Juwel Hotel in Hinterglemm where Angie had a yoga session planned in hopes of some new energy for the following day.

Angie Hohenwarter's Ladies Session 2016 - Jumping

The final day consisted of more runs through the local trails where the riders were able to learn new skills, and of course have some serious fun.

Angie Hohenwarter's Ladies Session 2016 - Riding

Angie thrives off of these fun environments and was excited that the event was such a success. After chatting with her, she was excited of the turn out, “What an amazing and fun group, we had a lot of great moments over those few days.” And thanks to her, these “moments” will stick with the ladies for some time.

Angie Hohenwarter's Ladies Session 2016 - Hands Up

While these sessions only happen a couple times a year, be sure to follow Angie on Facebook for information about the event, and if you’re in the area later this month (6/30-7/3) be sure to sign up!

Cedric Gracia’s 2016 Fun Camps

Cedric Gracia's 2016 Fun Camps

Cedric Gracia and co. recently kicked off the 2016 CG Fun Camps series in Florence, Italy, to the delight of dozens of eager fans and participants. The weekend featured a full schedule of clinics, riding and hanging out with camp-leader Cedric Gracia. The legendary Gracia has created an incredibly fun and exciting atmosphere that gives campers a unique opportunity to hang and learn from one mountain biking’s most accomplished athletes. Additionally, campers receive a collection of exclusive products and gear from his sponsors, like our custom-labeled Lever Kit and Tech Drive HV hand pump.

Cedric Gracia's 2016 Fun Camps - Custom Kit

There are none more entertaining that Cedric Gracia, and he’s a fantastic people-person, making his camps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and hang with a true mountain bike icon.

Check out the schedule below for a chance to participate in an upcoming CG Fun Camps and stay tuned as they will add more dates and locations soon!

2016 CG Fun Camps Schedule:
2-6 June – Florence, Italy
26-29 July – Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
15-19 September – Borovets, Bulgaria
TBD December – Argentina

Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar

Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar


Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar

Name: Erica Allar
Nationality: USA
Hometown: Fogelsville, PA
Residence: Tucson, AZ
Strengths: Sprints, criteriums
Pro Since: 2008

Erica Allar began racing in 2001 as a track racer. She won two U23 national criterium championships and multiple collegiate national track titles while attending Penn State. When not racing she loves being outside, drinking coffee and laughing.

We recently threw up a post on our Facebook page requesting our fans to ask Erica a question about being a professional cyclist. We selected our 10 favorite inquiries and had Erica answer them below. We also offered up a Lezyne Mini GPS Special Edition to the person whom Erica felt asked the best question: Congratulations B. McAlister!

What is your favorite interval training session? ~D. Morales
Let’s be honest: All interval training sessions suck. I don’t think anyone goes into VO2 efforts thinking, “This is going to be so much fun.”However, I appreciate them because I know they’re making me a better cyclist. But, if I had to choose one session, I would go with Strength Endurance intervals—long, slow cadence muscle builders. Power!

Who is your biggest cycling inspiration? What would you like to pass along to the next generation of aspiring female cyclists? ~T. Work
Cliché, I know, but Jame Carney is my biggest inspiration. He believed in me before anyone knew who I was; before I knew I could do anything in this sport or in my life.

I would pass along the importance of having fun. It needs to be fun, and there needs to be balance.

Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar - At Beach

What was the main facet of cycling that drew you in, and encouraged you to want to pursue a professional career? ~P. Molnar
Track racing in T-town is what drew me in. It was fast, fun and different. I was good at it, but there was no way to make a living doing it. I had to swap over to the road, which resulted in a professional career.

I’ve heard you’ve earned the nickname “Always There.” Does that have to do with the fact that you’re always in the mix at the sprint finish? ~B. Jones
Let’s go with it’s because I’m always in the mix for race finishes. If it’s not, than it must be because I have a hard time dropping back any further than fifth wheel while in the field. Or, maybe someone who is taller than me coined the nickname because each time she turned around, I was their enjoying her draft. There aren’t many girls my size in the peloton, so I tend to gravitate toward the same riders for a draft.

What is your favorite pre-, mid- or post-ride snack? ~I. Audrain
I don’t like to eat during rides (unless I’m racing, which in that case it’s Clif Bar). But I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I read an article on FoxNews that says cake for breakfast may help keep weight off, so I guess it’s my favorite pre- and post-ride snack!

What would you advise to a lady who is considering going pro? ~J. Sanchez
Take your time. Ask questions but don’t be afraid to make your own choices based on what is right for you. Prioritizing your happiness is not a bad thing; you should. And then make choices in your cycling career to reflect what will make you happy. Oh, and have fun. It should always be fun. Be happy. Have fun. Sounds a little simpler than it is. But it’s true. A happy racer is a fast racer.

At that moment during a race when you are maxed out, what do you think about in order to keep going? ~B. Ticknor

“Man, if I am suffering THIS bad, then everyone else must REALLY be struggling!”

Q&A With Rally Cycling’s Erica Allar - On Road

What’s the hardest part of professional cycling that no one ever talks about? ~E. Vrtis
It’s easy to become so involved in cycling that it consumes every part of your life. There has to be some sort of balance in your life. It is important to have a life and things to do outside of the sport that are not bike related.

On long rides how do pro cyclists occupy their minds? ~P. Houston
Ride with friends who are interesting to talk with. Or, listen to music, podcasts or books on tape.

What is your most memorable racing event? ~A. Chavez
I have so many great memories. My first big pro win in Macon, Georgia, in 2007 was pretty good, but so were my two U23 Crit National titles [2006 & ‘07]. Or 2012 when I topped three Optum riders and Laura Van Gilder in a breakaway for the win at the Sunny King crit. Also, winning the Cannon Falls stage of the 2010 North Star Grand Prix was a great memory.

How can we encourage youth girls to become active cyclists? ~B. McAlister
I’d like to suggest that the girls considering going pro race with their local men’s fields in an effort to challenge their skills and abilities. I also recommend that they travel outside of their local race scene; it’s important to travel to some of the larger more known races in the US in order to showcase their skills and potential to pro teams.

Stay tuned for more editions of ASK A PRO!

Rest In Peace Kelly McGarry

Rest in Peace Kelly McGarry

Rest in Peace Kelly McGarry

We are all incredibly heartbroken today by the loss of Kelly McGarry. Nothing can truly describe the shock and sadness we all feel at Lezyne. Kelly was more than just an ambassador for us; he was a friend, a mountain bike brother and inspiration to us all. Though we were only lucky enough work with him for a short time, his charismatic smile and carefree attitude will forever leave a lasting impression on all of us.

The only thing greater than Kelly’s fearlessness was his personality. His larger-than-life presence was felt wherever he went, and his outgoing lifestyle made him a true rockstar of the action sports world. In his short time on this planet Kelly embraced life 1,000-percent while pushing the boundaries of mountain biking, surfing, motocross and many other extreme sports.

Kelly will be greatly missed by all of us, but he will live on in our hearts and forever inspire us to go big and live life to its fullest. Our sincerest thoughts and condolences go out to Kelly’s family and friends.

The world has lost a legend.
Rest in Peace, Kelly McGarry.

Everyone at Lezyne

Danny MacAskill Q&A

Danny MacAskill Q&A

Danny MacAskill Q&A

Following the world premiere of our GPS video featuring Danny MacAskill, we caught up with the man himself for a little update on what he’s been up to!

What’s new and exciting in your life?
The last few weeks have been pretty busy for me! I finally managed to get the whole Drop and Roll team together in one place to make a proper team video. I have wanted to do this for the past six months, so it’s a great feeling to finally have it finished. Other than that, I’ve been busy traveling for some photo shoots and scouting new locations for a big film I have planned later this year!

What have been some of your most memorable moments in 2015?
2015 has been a great year so far: I rode my mtb and motorbike loads at the start of the year and then I’ve been concentrating on my trials riding through the summer. The Drop and Roll Tour has kept me pretty busy doing shows in Germany, Italy and a few in the UK. The stand out show for me this year has to be the show we did at the Fort William Mountain Bike World Cup. It’s an amazing event to be part of and the crowds were just awesome!

Are you working on any new video projects?
Yep! As I mentioned, I just finished filming the new Drop and Roll video that should be out soon. Then I have a couple more big projects planned later this year—but I like to keep my cards close to my chest!

What are some of the things you do to keep progressing as a rider?
I basically let my imagination run wild! There are no rules for street trials. At this moment in my life I have an amazing opportunity to go and ride wherever I like, so I just try to make the most of that!

What athletes inspire you outside of cycling?
Guy Martin (Isle of Man TT competitor) is definitely an inspiration to me! I love the way he plays every thing down and just gets on with it! Alex Honnold is another athlete I look on in awe! His mental strength as a free climber is just incredible!

How do you stay focused and mentally balanced while constantly traveling?
I try to keep my traveling to a minimum, really. When you’re traveling, you’re not riding. I really try and make sure I get a week here and there back home (in Glasgow, Scotland) where I can just get out and ride for myself!

What was it like shooting your segment for the Lezyne GPS video in the snow?
It was a pretty fun segment to film, if not a little sketchy! The trail was very rocky underneath the slush so I was kind of relying on a bit of luck to keep me up right. I think the other riders had it a little easier filming their parts in the sun!

What did you think of the final video?
I’m super happy with how it turned out! It’s funny how everyone else’s section are filmed in the gleaming sun while mine is in snowy, grey Scotland.

Was it cool to be featured in a video with so many different types of athletes?
Yeah for sure! It’s always cool to feature in a video shoulder-to-shoulder with amazing, diverse athletes!

How has mountain biking with your Lezyne GPS computer improved your riding?
It’s been a great tool to track the new trails we’ve been building!


Read more about Danny MacAskill here.

Optum and the Tour of California

Optum and the Tour of California

Optum and the Tour of California

The Tour of California kicks off this weekend and will once again pass through our backyard at the race’s midway point. As the most prestigious U.S. stage race, the field is stacked and features a powerful international presence. Kicking off Sunday, May 10 (Don’t forget: it’s Mother’s Day) the Tour winds it way from Sacramento, through the Golden State and finishes around the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Along the way, it will traverse some of California’s most notorious climbs like Mt. Hamilton and Mt. Baldy, and test the GC contenders during the high-altitude timetrial in Big Bear. Stage 8 has us the most excited; it will bring the peloton from Avila Beach to Pismo Beach, passing by our headquarters less than a kilometer away.

The Lezyne-sponsored Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS team will be fielding a talented and very motivated squad at this year’s Tour of California. They’ll have 2015 Redlands winner and GC contender Phil Gaimon leading the charge, along with guys like Will Routley (last year’s KOM winner) and recent Tour of the Gila stage winners Mike Woods and Ryan Anderson in the hunt for stage wins. The team will also field a women’s squad for the coinciding three-day women’s stage race. The women’s team has also been racking up the podiums this year and has the depth to contest for every stage and jersey on offer.

Throughout the week we’ll be on scene working with the Optum squads as they compete for glory. Furthermore, they will be the first team to race with our GPS computers at the Tour of California. During select stages, we are planning to work with one or two of the Optum riders and recap the day’s battle. Here we’ll dive into their race data; analyzing their efforts and other interesting statistics through our GPS Root website.

Visit Lezyne at Sea Otter

Visit Lezyne at Sea Otter - Cedric Gracia

Visit Lezyne at Sea Otter

Join us at the Laguna Seca Raceway, April 16-19, for the 25TH annual Sea Otter Classic bike festival. We’ll be set up in booth number 423 along with our latest collection of goods—and likely a few swag items to hand out. Additionally, our new line of GPS computers will be making their first public appearance at the event, including the worlds smallest cycling computer: the Mini GPS. Also, be sure to cruise by at 3:00pm on Friday, April 17 to meet gravity rock star Cedric Gracia where he’ll be hanging out, signing posters and greeting fans.

Visit Lezyne at Sea Otter - Map
Expo Map – Click for full size

Lezyne Lands Kiwi Ambassador Kelly McGarry

Lezyne lands a Kiwi ambassador Kelly McGarry

Lezyne Lands Kiwi Ambassador Kelly McGarry

We are so pumped to have New Zealand native and fearless shredder Kelly McGarry as our newest Lezyne ambassador. As an all-around adrenaline crusader, McGarry has become one of extreme sports’ most likeable guys and biggest huckers. He’s built his reputation as one of the world’s premier gravity mountain bikers with his long locks, big smile and go-huge attitude. Be sure to stay tuned: we have some wild plans in store with Kelly and his 70-foot-gap-flipping mentalness.

Lezyne lands Kiwi Ambassador Kelly McGarry - Cardrona Tables

Lezyne lands Kiwi Ambassador Kelly McGarry - Sequence 1

Lezyne lands Kiwi Ambassador Kelly McGarry - Rampage

Read more about Kelly at his Lezyne ambassador page here!

Lezyne Joins Optum Pro Cycling

Lezyne Joins Optum Pro Cycling - Logo

Lezyne Joins Optum Pro Cycling

February 20, 2015

San Luis Obispo, CA – Cycling accessories brand Lezyne has partnered with the Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies team as a product sponsor for 2015. The deal will have the team riding with Lezyne LED lights, saddles bags, CO2 inflators and various other accessories. Having previously worked together (when Lezyne first started in 2007), talks went smoothly and the two quickly reestablished their relationship.

“Optum is one of the top professional teams in North America and they are exceptionally organized,” said Dillon Clapp, Lezyne’s worldwide communications manager. “The riders are all outstanding ambassadors for the brand, and the management is great to work with. They were an integral part of our development when we first hit the market and we look forward to building on that success moving forward.”

Lezyne Joins Optum Pro Cycling - Ladies

Highlighting the renewed partnership, Optum p/b KBS will play a large role in Lezyne’s upcoming product release in March 2015. Lezyne has plans to add a new category to their current lineup and the team will be used as a platform for its debut.

‎”We are really excited to work with Lezyne again,” discussed Optum’s general manager, Jacob Erker. “Their full line is both stunning and durable and we look forward to working closely with Lezyne on future product releases.”

Lezyne Joins Optum Pro Cycling - Ladies Riding

Recently, Lezyne met with the women’s team in Borrego Springs, California, where two days were spent collecting photo and video content of the squad in action. Of the 10-women roster, five are returning and five riders are new. Among the new recruits is Californian Alison Tetrick, where Lezyne is based.

“My favorite thing about Lezyne is they’re sleek and sexy,” said Tetrick, winner of the final stage of this year’s Tour Femenino de San Luis in Argentina. “I like to have my cycling accessories as high tech as the equipment I ride.”

Lezyne Joins Optum Pro Cycling

A photo gallery from Lezyne’s recent encounter with the women’s team can be viewed here.

The 2015 Optum p/b KBS rosters include of the following riders, men: Bjorn Selander, Brad Huff, Curtis White, Eric Young, Guillaume Boivin, Jesse Anthony, Mike Woods, Phil Gaimon, Pierrick Naud, Ryan Anderson, Scott Zwizanski, Tom Soladay, Tom Zirbel and Will Routley. Women: Alison Tetrick, Amy Charity, Annie Ewart, Ariane Horbach, Brianna Walle, Janel Halcomb, Jasmin Glaesser, Leah Kirchmann, Lex Albrecht and Maura Kinsella

Lezyne Joins Optum Pro Cycling - Men

For more information visit or

Lezyne Partners with Danny MacAskill’s Drop and Roll Tour

Lezyne Partners with Danny MacAskill's Drop and Roll Tour

Lezyne Partners with Danny MacAskill’s Drop and Roll Tour

As we all know by now, Danny MacAskill has been dazzling crowds all over the world as a professional trials rider ever since his breakthrough 5:30 minute YouTube video in 2009 when he was 23 years old. As of today, that video has garnered more than 34 million views. Since then, the Scottish rider, born in the Isle of Skye, has become a household name with features in publications such as the New York Times and numerous award nominations. And to think…he started off as a bicycle mechanic. We’re all fairly familiar with his ridiculously impressive and awe-inspiring YouTube videos that either keep us at the edges of our seats or captivated with wild amusement and even a sense of nostalgia, and last year Danny took it up a notch with the introduction of his street trials team, the Drop and Roll Tour. Made up of Duncan Shaw, Fabio Wibmer, Ali C and of course, Danny MacAskill, the team rocked crowds all over Europe, starting with their first show in Baden, Switzerland in June of 2014. The tour went on to stop at the Quay Commonwealth Games Festival in Glasgow, The Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival in Beauly (Inverness-shire), the Red Bull Air Race in Royal Ascot and Eurobike in Germany. As a sponsor of Danny MacAskill, Lezyne is proud to expand as a partner to the Drop and Roll Tour and will build and name a “Bunny Hop Contest” featuring an obstacle built of Lezyne Floor Pumps. Stay tuned, this team is going places!

View more about the Drop and Roll Tour at Lezyne’s team page here.