By The Numbers with Rob Britton - Stage 4

Canadian GC contender Rob Britton is currently racing the Tour of California with his Lezyne sponsored Rally Cycling team. Throughout the event, Rob will send us the ride data he records using his Lezyne Super GPS computer. Then, with the help of our GPS Root website, we will analyze his performance and interview Rob for exclusive insight into the numbers of a WorldTour stage race.

Stage 1

By The Numbers With Rob Britton – Stage 3
Pismo Beach to Morro Bay, California
115 Miles

  • Lezyne: Your average speed was 24 miles per hour. Did the wind have an affect on Stage 3?
    Rob: The wind was there ALL day, so it made for another heavy stage even though nothing really happened (cross winds, splits, etc). However, we were always on our toes—moving up before turns anticipating change-of-wind direction, just in case…

    Stiff headwinds kept the average speed down for a WorldTour race.


  • Lezyne: The highest elevation of the stage was at the top of the only categorized climb, which you guys hit right in the middle of the stage. It didn’t appear that any GC threats made any moves here, but do you still keep an eye on the favorites just in case someone tries a move from that far out?
    Rob: Yeah. I mean, it’s unlikely a team will do anything with Mt. Baldy on the horizon—everyone was wanting to save all the bullets they have. But you’re always watching each other regardless.

    Stage 3 - BY THE NUMBERS WITH ROB BRITTON - Max Elevation
    Halfway through the stage the riders ascended the only categorized climb for the day.


  • Lezyne: Stage 3 was nearly 120 miles. With Danny up the road all day were you able to enjoy the California countryside, or is there still a lot activity going on in the peloton keeping you busy?
    Rob: You try to take in some of the beauty along the route but it’s tough when you’re going 35 MPH just inches from 120 other guys. Actually, it’s funny seeing some of the amazing pictures that come out of these stages and I have no idea where they were taken!

    Stage 3 - BY THE NUMBERS WITH ROB BRITTON - passing through SLO
    Rob and co. rolled through our hometown of San Luis Obispo toward the end of the stage! Photo via: Rally Cycling