BY THE NUMBERS WITH BRAD HUFF: North Star Grand Prix – Stage 3

By The Numbers with Brad Huff - Stage 3

American sprint ace and current criterium national champion Brad Huff added to his team’s recent win streak by claiming Stage 3 of the North Star Grand Prix. After hours of helping defend his teammate Brandon McNulty’s overall lead during the furious 93-mile stage, Huff still had enough left in the tank to power his way to victory. After his winning ride, Huff shared with us the data he recorded using his Lezyne Super GPS computer. We then dropped it into our GPS Root website for analysis and had Huff provide further insight in this exclusive interview.

BY THE NUMBERS WITH BRAD HUFF: North Star Grand Prix – Stage 3
Distance: 93 Miles
Avg. Speed: 26 mph
Ascent: 4,600 feet

BY THE NUMBERS WITH BRAD HUFF: North Star Grand Prix - Stage 3 - Max Speed
The peloton hit 57 mph only 13 miles into the stage
  • Lezyne: About 13 miles into the race you hit your max speed on the day of 57 mph. It came on a short descent. Were attacks flying at this point, or was this just the peloton hauling ass?
    Brad: Most likely from the peloton flying as there was a lot of tailwind out there on some fast sections.
BY THE NUMBERS WITH BRAD HUFF: North Star Grand Prix - Stage 3 - overall
The overall numbers from Huff’s winning ride


  • Lezyne: Your average speed was about 26mph for a 93 mile stage. Was the racing aggressive all day? Did your teammates control the race for you?
    Brad: The only one that really controlled the race was the wind and Danny Pate. It was game on most of the day, and I had to do my fair share of work before the finishing circuits as there was a two man break up the road that was a threat to our GC lead.
  • Lezyne: It was pretty hot out there averaging 90-degrees. Did you do anything special to stay cool and hydrated so you were more fresh for the finish?
    Brad: We did out best to get in as much Clif hydration and use ice socks when possible. I actually went back and pleaded with the chief official to open up feeding early as everyone was feeling the affect of the heat earlier than normal. She obliged, and when we looked up the road everyone had a bottle in the air praying to get a feed.
BY THE NUMBERS WITH BRAD HUFF: North Star Grand Prix - Stage 3 - Max Power
Brad hit 1,600 watts in the final sprint to the line!
  • Lezyne: Your power peaked at 1,600 watts during your winning sprint. How’d that feel? And were you targeting this race, or did everything just play out in your favor?
    Brad: The only target was on Ty Magner’s back. He was the man to watch today and neither of my teammates (Evan Huffman or Brandon McNulty) were in the final move. It wasn’t until one lap to go that Brandon bridged across, which took a lot of pressure off of me. I was cramping in the sprint but I knew after winning the field sprint last year that I had to go early and hope for the best. Luckily this old man can still spin to win!
  • Lezyne: With your teammate Brandon McNulty in the lead, did you have to spend some time defending that for him during the stage?
    Brad: We all were working for Brandon and Evan. They are exceptional riders and deserve every bit of help.
  • Lezyne: There’s been a lot of winning for the team these last few days: Matteo Dal-Cin at Tour de Beauce, Emma White leading the women’s field, and yourself. Who had the best victor salute?
    Brad: Emma… always Emma!
  • Emma White
    Emma White’s “winning” victory salute
  • Huff on the top step after Stage 3
    Huff on the top step after Stage 3