All-New Tubeless Kit and Classic Tubeless Kit Now In Stock!

New for this year are two, thoughtfully engineered CNC aluminum tubeless tire repair kits that are compact, durable and stylish. The Tubeless Kit features a machined aluminum storage tube which doubles as a handle while the Classic Tubeless Kit’s machined aluminum T-handle is stored in a portable plastic case. Read below to learn how to use either of these tubeless repair kits to make a speedy, effective trail-side repair!

Tubeless Kit


Classic Tubeless Kit



Step 1: Identify the source of the puncture

Step 2: Remove debris or puncture source

Step 3: Thread the puncture tool onto the handle (Tubeless kit only)

Step 4: Insert the tool into the hole and clean the puncture using the integrated reamer

Step 5: Remove the tool from the hole

Step 6: Place tire plug in eyelet – eyelet should be in the middle of the tire plug

Step 7: Push tire plug into hole, ensuring the ends of the tire plug remain on the outside of the tire

Step 8: With the tool and plug still in the tire, turn the tool clockwise a few revolutions to twist the tire plug inside the tire

Step 9: Remove the tool and ensure tire plug remains in tire

Step 10: Re-inflate tire to your desired pressure using your favorite Lezyne pump



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