An extensive firmware update has been released for our Year 9 (2016 model year) Mini, Power and Super GPS computers. This includes various minor bug fixes along with improved sensor pairing, battery runtime accuracy, specific* data refinements and further device customization.

Please note this is only for our first generation “Year 9” GPS units. Click here to visit our GPS support page to identify if your computer is included in this update.

*See below for details

Update GPS Page

Mini GPS

• New device screen customizability.

Power & Super GPS

• Added speed data from wheel based power meters using Bluetooth.

• Stabilized speed and distance data jumps when paired with Bluetooth speed and/or cadence sensors.

• Improved battery runtime percentage reporting.

Super GPS

• Improved Ant+ sensor connection.

• Fixed Ant+ pairing to only pair with the same sensor after restarting the GPS.

• Improved Shimano D-Fly Di2 auto reconnect.

• Ant+ power meter battery reporting now percentage based.

• Refined power calculations with crank and wheel based Ant+ power meters.

GPS Support Page


To update your GPS please follow these steps:

• Plug in your GPS with the supplied micro-USB cable.

• Go to www.lezyne.com/support-gps.php.

• Scroll down to "Software" and click download for Mac or Windows under "Year 9 GPS Devices."

• Download and open the GPS updater.

• The GPS updater will automatically detect your GPS, then click "Update."

• Wait for your GPS computer to be updated (Do not unplug during this process).

• Your GPS is now updated.


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