Visits Lezyne at Expobici Visits Lezyne at Expobici

Italian website visited Lezyne at Expobici and wrote a very flattering review of our Zecto Drive, Zecto Pro, and CNC Digital Floor Drive. If you speak Italian or would like to visit the website for the full review with pictures, you can check it out here.

They say:

Small brand, but innovative and attentive to functionality and style, here are the pillars of Lezyne.

The brand distributed in our country by LARM, does not disappoint, with a catalog even richer and more especially attentive to the needs of riders of all kinds and extraction. From the rich catalog we present a couple of lighting systems and a floor pump.

Zecto Drive

Let’s start with Zecto Drive, small but versatile light, available in both front and rear axles, the list price of 30 euro .

It is a light compact, high visibility, designed for urban mobility: it has three LED 80 Lumen total, weighs 47g, use a clip-on mounting system with rubber strap or clip provides an indicator for the level of charge, and is rechargeable via USB.

There are four levels of operation: 80 Lumen Daytime, Blast 40, 20 Economy, finally Flash 40 lumens. Three colors for the prior model and the same for the rear: polish, black and red.

Zecto Drive Pro

It is the older sister of the Zecto Drive, used for front and rear, weighs 47g, respectively, and maximum brightness of 160 lumens and 40. It’s always three LEDs, with clip-on fastening system with four modes of operation (Daytime 160/40, Blast 80/20 Economy 40/10, Flash 40/20 Lumen), available in color or black polish to retail price of 43 EUR.

CNC Floor Drive Digital

The best of Lezyne of pump from the ground. The evolution of the acclaimed CNC Floor Drive, made of aluminum with CNC machining. Now includes a digital pressure gauge for maximum accuracy and readability. The other characteristics remain unchanged: nylon braided hose, reinforced aluminum connectors, anodizing long-lasting finish polish black or silver terminals ABS Flip-Thread Chuck/Chuck Speed/needle balls, the maximum pressure of 220 PSI/15 Bar

Lezyne LED Lights – Never go home in the dark with Infinite Light

Infinite Light is a feature of several of the Lezyne Performance LED lights. This feature allows the rider to replace the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery on the road or trail when the battery is depleted. The ability to replace the battery allows the rider to extend the burntime of their light for as long as they have charged batteries. Additional Lezyne LIR batteries can be purchased at any authorized Lezyne Pro Shop.


Music Video by COMMENCAL and Dirty Shirt – “Ride”

COMMENCAL has tried something completely new with the band Dirty Shirt, introducing the music video for “Ride.” Combining professional cycling with the music industry, it is definitely an awesome track with some awesome footage, you will want to watch it more than once! Look closely to check out some action from Lezyne ambassador Remy Absalon in the video!

Watch the video here and learn more about the Dirty Shirt band on their youtube page to hear more from them.

Freakshow album with the song Ride available on DEEZER.