Specialized-lululemon Wins the TTT at Lotto Decca

Geraardsbergen, Belgium: Team Specialized-lululemon made a great start at the Lotto Decca Tour on Friday, taking the win in the TTT event. The ladies finished 35 seconds ahead of Orica Green Edge. Ellen Van Dijk, defending champion, will wear the yellow leaders jersey going into stage two.

“It was quite a technical course, and we didn’t really get the chance to learn it but everyone was in the same boat and it was another good opportunity for us to practice as a team together for World Championships,” said Van Dijk. “We have 35 seconds to try to save now and we’ll have to be attentive of time bonuses, but we’re looking forward to trying to defend the jersey.”

Lezyne continues to proudly sport Specialized-lululemon as ambassadors of Engineered Design! Way to go ladies!

Cedric Gracia Talks Lezyne Year 7 Products at Sea Otter 2013

Cedric Gracia Talks Lezyne Year 7 Products at Sea Otter 2013

For us at Lezyne, we take no prisoners when it comes to ensuring that we deliver the best products we can to help our friends and customers around the world enjoy the best ride, anywhere, every time.

At Sea Otter this year, we proudly unveiled the fruits of our hard work of the past year — Lezyne’s new Year 7 Engineered Design — of new powerful LED lights, sexy floor pumps, upgrades to our extensive lineup of kickass products, and had good conversations and a drink or two with our customers. Show and tell commenced for mtbr.com with no one better to showcase a couple of our Year 7 products than our most suave Lezyne ambassador on board: Enduro bada## and all-around funny guy, The Sergeant, Cedric Gracia.

Get a quick overview of the Lezyne Deca Drive and the Lezyne Shock Digital Drive. Learn about the LED design detail that guarantees that our lights wont’ heat up, and why Cedric thinks that a long hose really does matter.

Yannick Granieri: Recovery Road Part 1

Yannick Granieri: Recovery Road Part 1

Lezyne ambassador Yannick Granieri, the “Stocky Slopestyler” From Lyon, consistently amazes everyone with his MTB freeriding.

He made himself scarce in 2012 until the early part of 2013, with his torn ACL ligament and knee injury forcing him to take leave for the rest of the season. We saw Yannick again, in top shape, at FISE Montpellier last May. Obviously confident in his riding after successful surgery and rehabilitation, he is a true mountain bike professional who works hard so he can live his dreams.

Yannick shares with us his thoughts and insights about his serious injuries and consequent rehabilitation in his new Thibaut Grevet Red Bull Media House video, “Yannick Granieri: Recovery Road Part 1”. This is his story…

Here is the link to the video

Danny MacAskill in Taiwan – Powered by Lezyne

We are always humbled every time we watch Lezyne Ambassador and Scottish bike trials legend Danny MacAskill ride in his unassuming yet explosive way! Danny makes everything look easy, especially in this new video that celebrates two more fruitful years of friendship and seriously epic bike trials riding. Danny takes riding to an amazing level, post injuries, and it looks like there is no stopping him in this showcase of talent, skill, and love for the sport. Lezyne was there to document his memorable trip.

In “Danny MacAskill in Taiwan – powered by Lezyne”, this brilliant rider explores beautiful Taiwan’s parks and streets, enjoying a cultural experience that enables him to play around with his trials riding style on new and interesting landscapes of old and new.

This new video shows Danny in his first ever trip to Taiwan. “Taichung is a really cool city. The architecture here is pretty amazing, every single park…Just built to be interesting!” Just under 5 minutes, this new video features something that is hard to believe, considering the level of riding he does – Danny looks like he is getting even better every time!

We never get tired of watching him ride…Now it’s your turn to be amazed. We hope you like the result of weeks of planning, scouting for locations, and basically just having fun with the genius that is Danny MacAskill… Enjoy the new video, and don’t forget to share your reactions/comments here!