Tough Storage For Just About Anything

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Tough Storage For Just About Anything Functionality, style, and comfort are what you get with the Lezyne Allpack. The Float Y strap helps you adjust to the double-padded rear panel which features our Vectorflow ventilation system. The helmet strap is adjustable to any size, even full-face models.

Tire Repair

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Tire Repair Utilitarian and sleek, The Lezyne Lever Kit is a dependable ally that is guaranteed to get you home. No matter how great your tires, and whatever riding style you favour, an all-in-one patch kit and tire lever combo is an indispensable and effective riding partner.

The Ultimate Hand Pump: Lezyne Carbon Road Drive

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The Ultimate Hand Pump: Lezyne Carbon Road Drive No more ripped-out valve cores. The Lezyne Carbon Road Drive is performance and class combined, equipped with HP (high-pressure) design and an ABS Speed Flex Hose that allows for easy inflation with fewer strokes, and effortless removal from the valve stem. Opposite to the Presta valve connection […]

Lezyne’s M Caddy

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Lezyne’s M Caddy The perfect size, in the perfect design, to carry all the accoutrements you need. The Lezyne M Caddy is a medium (M) size, wedge-shaped caddy made of durable woven nylon with a water resistant zipper, and equipped with a reflective tail light loop that makes this caddy ready for all-weather. It has […]

Practical Hydration Packs

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Practical Hydration Packs Enjoy long riding hours with the Lezyne Svelte Pack. Our design makes carrying it comfortable, with pads that sit against your back to create airflow, and waist belts to keep everything together. Roomy compartments also help you identify where your repair gear, miscellaneous cargo, and water go.

Lezyne CNC Cage

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Lezyne CNC Cage The Lezyne CNC Cage is simple, elegant, and durable. Its lightweight design boasts of heat-treated, CNC-machined extruded aluminium, with solid ribs and an upper bottle catch to secure bottles and to provide easy on-the-bike access. Ovalized mounting holes make the cage a better fit on small frames.