HubPages Features Lezyne Lights

Lezyne Super Drive

HubPages Features Lezyne Lights

Lezyne Super Drive Light to Make Your Night Journey Pleasant and Secure.

LED lights are now part of your home and of course, your car. The popularity of LED compared to incandescent has increased because of myriad of advantages it offers including longer life, easy installation, low energy consumption and reliability. These comforts are usually not present in traditional incandescent light.

Competition has not spared this product also. Manufacturers are facing tough competition but some brands like Lezyne have emerged as one of the best selling brands in both low-beam and high beam driving lights.

A Lezyne Super Drive light is able to work longer (more than one thousand hours) comparatively. Like incandescent, it doesn’t get burnt quickly even if you frequently turn on and off. Though LED driving lights are expensive, their longevity makes it a worth buying car accessory. LED light can easily operate with the dimmer switch whereas an incandescent doesn’t. It makes your night driving easy because you don’t strain your eyes to see pot holes.

The interesting thing about a Lezyne Power Drive is that it comes in three stunning colors. The black and silver color LED lights suit with almost all cars.

Exceptional Features

  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • Impressive light to size ratio
  • High quality casing (CNC aluminum) to easily disperse heat
  • Parabolic reflectors to provide a clean and sharp beam
  • Available in 4 settings: a blinking mode, 300, 200, and 100 lumens
  • Run time starts with 2 hours, 3 hours, 5.5 and 6 hours
  • High quality battery (lithium ion battery), easily replaced & easily charges with the help of USB within 4 hours
  • Easy installation

Lithium ion batteries are easily available in consumer electronics. These batteries are excellent for a long drive as they don’t run out so easily. They are one of the major reasons to make LED driving light popular among drivers.

No wonder, aluminium is a versatile ceramic material with many practical uses. From tap washers to body armor, it has been used frequently. Nowadays, advance version CNC is being used to make iPhone case and cases of driving lights.

If you are concerned about your automobile accessory, go through the casing material of your driving light. If it is made of aluminum, it means you are on the right way of purchasing a durable light.

UPPGRADER Blog features Lezyne’s Super Drive

UPPGRADER (a men’s fashion, swag, and upscale product blog) features Lezyne’s Super Drive. Pretty sexy. We are glad that Lezyne can roll with the best of them.

[$110] Night biking- it’s not the brightest idea in the world, but sometimes it happens. If you plan on doing any night biking, gear up with the 450 Lumen Lezyne Super Drive LED. The Super Drive uses a unique lens and reflector setup that illuminates near and far simultaneously without sacrificing visibility in either field. It’s programmable with three custom modes ranging from 150 to 450 Lumens (about 4 hours to 1.5 hours battery life). Housed in a tough aluminum body with composite handlebar attachment.


Blox 23

Lezyne makes yet another Christmas Gift List….it makes us so proud to see all the fans out there. Lezyne is used alongside the phrase “pure loveliness”. I do agree. Cheers to you.

Bizarrely I always find it slightly difficult to recommend gifts for others or myself at Christmas, especially when they say what Cycle related item it should be. I took a look over the work site and these are my top five, based on pure loveliness and something I’d like to see under the tree.

Italian Racing Cycles looks like a beautiful book and a classic coffee table book even a none cyclist could appreciate, if only for the images. There’s a lovely piece on the book on Pez, which is well worth a read.

Tire Levers

Tyre Levers are one of those items that go pretty well unnoticed until you need to use them. Crap ones fail to get between the hook of the rim and the bead of the tyre. They work on most tyre/rim combinations, and because of their width make leverage a lot easier as they gain more purchase than many others. Available in a few bright colours so you can find them in your bag with the added benefit that you’re unlikely to forget them after a roadside repair.

Castelli Espresso Due Jacket

I was lucky enough to be sent one of these to test. I was just about to write a review of my own up when I read Matt Brett’s review on, after that I thought I’d not bother as he pretty much said everything I could. I thought that I may never truly get a chance to test it but I have managed to stretch the range of use and have found it to be awesome. £230.00 is a lot of cash, but and this is an important but, you are buying into great fabrics and construction from Castelli. Much in the same way as Assos, Castelli has built a reputation on style, longevity and great fit. Having had Castelli jackets before they are go to pieces when the needle drops. If you want a jacket with lots of life and something that will look classic from season to season who can’t go far wrong with this.

Northwave Fahrenheit

Much in the same vein as the Espresso Due Jacket I would expect these shoes to last a long time. As the weather is turning my thoughts are moving towards a fully waterproof boot. Commuting and Riding through winter means that you need to be prepared and there is nothing that shouts this more than Gore-Tex boots. It’s my friend Sean who sings the praises of his Shimano versions that makes me think I should buy a pair of these. The Farenheit shoes aren’t likely to be a normal purchase for many cyclists as they will grab a pair of good overshoes and pair them up with some merino socks and bob’s your uncle. I think that there’s just something that little bit more next level about these boots and because of that they’d make a perfect gift.

Blox 23

If your gift is for the man in your life what better to give him than a new tool. I’ve a small Lezyne one of my saddle bags and everytime I use it I am always impressed. But being small if I got really stuck it just wouldn’t cut the mustard. I really like the look of the Blox 23 as it has all the allen keys you could need, a chain tool and for me, most importantly a Mavic spoke wrench. All Lezyne products are beautifully made, and I’m a sucker for nice design.

Lezyne Trunk Caddy EX Review


Lezyne Trunk Caddy EX Review

Lezyne Trunk Caddy EX….as reviewed by a mountainbiker. Thanks MTBAndy!!

A rear rack trunk with zip out Panniers. Lezyne, a company fast becoming known for quality products with meticulous attention to detail, has created an all in one rack trunk and pannier set.

Lezyne Trunk Caddy

At first glance the Trunk Caddy EX is just a regular rack trunk.  Hook & loop fastener hold removable separators internally and bungee webbing holds items externally. Typically Panniers attach to the rack, and the trunk, if used, attaches on top of the rack.  A trunk is used more as a day bag to carry items easily, while the panniers are widely used to carry bigger loads while keeping the center of gravity lower on the bike.

Lezyne Trunk Caddy

The panniers are attached to the trunk so no special mounting is needed.  Just unzip, unfold and stuff it full.\

Lezyne Trunk Caddy

At the rear of the trunk a zipper tool pocket holds everything for repairs. Pockets are labeled with pictures to help quickly identify what is in the pocket.

Lezyne Trunk Caddy

This compartment is spacious enough to hold a multi-tool, CO2’s, patch kits, spare tube and other items you may want to toss in.

Lezyne Trunk Caddy

Lezyne Trunk Caddy

The trunk with its rain cover.

Trunk Caddy

Tote handles hidden in a side compartment are handy for carrying the bag along with you off the bike.

Trunk Caddy

Additional zippers on the trunk lid allow it to expand about 2 inches higher when more room is needed. A shoulder strap (not pictured) is also included.

Undercarriage:  the trunk uses straps to securely and snugly attach it to any rack.  Two straps under the rack and one at the front.

Seen here with the left pannier folded out. The interior of the trunk hides a zipper that accesses the walls and padding of the sides. In the event more space is needed the padding can be removed to free up a little bit of room on the sides. Sides consist of a rigid plastic and a padded closed cell foam insert. Removing the foam creates more space, and removing the plastic allows the bag to bulge out.  Typically this will not ever need to be removed as neither really cuts into the storage capacity.

Mounted and stuffed! Packed for an overnight mountain bike 100 miler. The right pannier contains sleeping bag, pillow and a few small items while the left bag contains clothing and other gear.  In the trunks riding food that is very easily accessed along with camping stove and accessories. The green and red straps (not included) held the panniers secure over the mostly single track route. The trunk turned out to be the easiest place to access items during the ride.  Since riders were wearing a backpack the jersey pockets were not as easy to get to.  With the trunk compartment there was a big, easily accessed area to grab and store items quickly. The side panniers measure 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide by 3 inches deep (5 liters). In reality the bag bulges out and measures more like 15x11x5 1/2, or about 10 liters of volume space for one side pannier. The interior space of the trunk (without expansion zipper) is 7x6x12, or 8.2 liters of space. Total combined space is approx 28 liters for the three main compartments.

Trunk Caddy

First Impressions:

This is a really easy bag to use.  Previously, being only a pannier guy, I found the trunk useful for storing everything I wanted to have quick access to. Everything is well constructed and rugged.  The side panniers attach securely and never were there any issues from the bag’s security, even through some of the roughest trails NW Ga has to offer. The Pinhoti has become one of the Souths most popular and renowned long distance trails.  Boasting rugged, rocky ridge trails traversing west Georgia’s ridge and valley mountain range the trail offers a last frontier in a state of disappearing green space. The 50 mile route on day 2 offered spectacular views, gnarly single track, fast jeep roads, cool stream crossings and little sight of civilization. I like that after I mount the trunk Caddy EX with its 3 straps that everything is mounted securely.  Whether you use the side panniers or not does not require any additional mounting. With the gear all packed snugly nothing rattles, the bag and its side panniers did not complain once during any of my excursions. The intended use for this product is more than likely for commuting or casual around town riding.   Having hidden panniers offers lots of additional storage should the need arise during the ride, and is probably the products’ key selling feature.  When folded away behind the rigid foam covers the bag functions perfectly as a trunk caddy. This is a well-made and versatile bag suitable for errands as well as rugged mountain bike (or road bike) packing camping trips. This is a rack trunk caddy that can do it all; from townie rides to mountain bike epic camping trips.  For a part timer bike packer that wants versatility from their investment it’s hard to find an easier solution than Lezyne’s EX model.


Although the rain cover completely covers the trunk, it does nothing for the panniers, so in case of rain items in the panniers will need to be stored in dry bags. Pannier bags in general do not seem to be looking for super light weight, but any weight savings is always worth it. 120 grams can be saved by trimming the steel from the bag.  Just two zipper pulls on the panniers are metal, unlike the string pulls on the rest of the bag, and can rattle as well as add weight. The D-rings are a nice way to attach the shoulder strap but are not necessary, and the pannier hooks look like they could tow a vehicle.  Cutting the hooks from the nylon loop saved the most weight. Losing these means you might need a red and green strap to more securely hold the panniers to the rack, or you can make a lighter hook out of coat-hanger wire, or like I did, use electrical wire to hold it safe.

Areas for improvement:

This is a trunk caddy that has options for fold out panniers.  I would rather see a trunk/pannier combo with options for folding the panniers in.  Same effect, but different approaches.  The side panniers are zipped behind a rigid foam panel, but the panel serves no function when the panniers are deployed.  It would make more sense if the panniers were able to zip themselves into a storage position. I would be happy if the panniers stored with just a strap.

RCUK’s Christmas Guide uses Lezyne’s Mini Drive Light!

Lezyne Mini Drive

RCUK’s Christmas Gift Guide: Five under £50, including Lezyne’s Mini Drive Light!

Part three of RCUK’s Christmas Gift Guide series brings you five ideas under £50, with products from Rouleur, Rapha, Lezyne, dhb and bikeParka.

Rouleur Mugs by Richard Mitchelson – £19.00

Cartoonist Richard Mitchelson has been at it again, producing a second set of mugs adorning the faces of some of the most famous names in cycling – Eddy Merckx, Marco Pantani, Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon. The mugs are finest quality bone china manufactured in Stoke-on Trent, and they’re dishwasher-safe too.

They’re pricey at £19 a pop (or £67 for all four) but they’ll bring a small piece of cycling history to life every time to reach to make a brew.

Rapha Winter Hat – £35.00

Rapha’s Winter Hat has been around since 2006 but it remains a firm favourite thanks to its super-warm construction. It’s made in Italy from a brush-backed Sportwool fabric (70% polyester, 26% wool, 4% elastane), warm enough for sub-zero temperatures, and with sides that can be turned up if it gets too toasty.

It looks great, too. Understated but classy all the same, with Belgian-inspired styling. And it can be worn under a helmet.

Lezyne Mini Drive front light – £49.99

Lezyne have been producing stylish tools and accessories for years but this year marked their first foray into the light market. The result was three front lamps, with the cheapest the Lezyne Mini Drive at £49.99.

It weighs just 73g, is a doddle to fit and sits inconspicuously on your handlebars. The light has a maximum output of 150 Lumens on the highest output, with three subsequent four settings; medium (100 Lumens), low (50 Lumens) and flashing. That makes it a great package for commuting by bike . Read the full review buy it on Mpora Gear.

dhb Merino Long Sleeve Round Neck Base Layer – £36.89

A good base layer is essential to keeping warm through winter and there are few better fabrics than Merino, which is breathable, will keep you toasty and is soft next to the skin. Trouble is, it can be expensive. That’s where dhb, the in-house clothing brand of Wiggle, come in.

This long sleeve, round neck baselayer is top value at £36.89. It’s manufactured using a 190g yarn, while a lighter 150g version is also available. DHB also do a zip neck and short sleeve Merino base layers.

bikeParka – £39.95

bikeParka is a new company offering a simple solution to a long-standing problem for many cyclists. Not everyone is blessed with ample storage space for their bike(s) and the only option may be to keep it outside. bikeParka is a bicycle cover designed to protect your pride and joy from the worst of Britain’s weather.

It’s made from a waterproof, polyester ripstop fabric and the £39.95 URBN model features UV protection, eyelets for ties or small locks and Velcro lock-through panels to secure the cover with a standard lock. Adjustable toggles provide a snug fit, while the elasticated bottom keeps the material locked close to the bike’s wheels. bikeParka comes with a stuff sack so it can be packed away when not in use.

Lezyne Pressure Drive ABS Medium Mini Pump Review

Lezyne Pressure Drive ABS Medium Mini Pump Review

Great review of our Pressure Drive given by

Great value mini pump from Lezyne featuring an ABS flex hose. It can fit in your jerseys rear pocket and will inflate tires to a pressure of up to 120psi or 8Bar.


  • Inflates to a pressure of 120psi or 8Bar
  • Suitable for Schrader or Presta valves
  • 216mm in length
  • 107g
  • Rated 5 out of 5 by both BikeRadar & Cycling Plus
  • Colour: Black

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Pump Review

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Pump Review

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Pump Review

Touring with Lezyne. Review written by

RRP: £39.99

Available From:



Rating: 6/10

Choosing a pump for your tour can be a tricky one, you want something not too heavy, that’s built like a rock so it won’t fail on you and also, importantly, something that won’t take forever to get your tires up to pressure. As with all our gear, we did a fair bit of research and opted for the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP; here’s how we got on with it.

The Good
The main advantage this pump has over smaller ‘micro pump’ alternatives is its ability to get your tires up to the required pressure, (which can be high… got the tires on my road bike at home up to 130psi with no issue) with far less strokes; and because it’s essentially a mini track pump and you can use the ground as a counter making for less exertion, the foot stand is ok but could possibly feel a little sturdier, (but of course this would add more weight). The pressure gauge on the hose is also a must have feature for us, as it take any guess work out of getting the correct PSI on the road side.

The ability to cope with both presta and schrader valves is also nice; you may only have the one type on your tour but you can be safe in the knowledge that if you decide to alter your set up for the next tour, (or you have to buy an emergency wheel with a different valve) you won’t need a new pump.

Despite being relatively large this pump won’t break the bank weigh wise at 174g and is slender enough to slip down the back of an Ortlieb Front Roller without causing a fuss; we also like the way the hose folds round and screws in securely. It’s also made from machined aluminium, looks pretty sleek and, (with the new bracket… see below) seems very robust.

The Bad

Before we had set off on our tour, (lucky it did happen then!) the pump failed on us! One of the plastic brackets around the nozzle broke after minimal use, to their credit Lezyne were very quick about sending out a replacement, which had a metal bracket instead of the plastic one. This must have been a recognised design flaw as the exact same thing happened to a couple we met and I have since seen the pump in bike shops with the metal bracket.

A pretty annoying fault with this pump is the fact that a notable number of times when unscrewing from the inner tube after inflation it took the valve with it, right out of the housing! The valve can be screwed back in more tightly, (I used my Leatherman) and there was no repeat, but nevertheless this was annoying to say the least, (punctures are irksome at the best of times without something else compounding the problem) and not something I’ve experienced with other pumps. And before you ask, no, we weren’t screwing it on to tightly.

Minor gripes include the fact that the nozzle started to get a bit stiff and the brackets stuck against each other when trying to unscrew from the base or screw into or out of a valve, a bit of oil solved this problem though. Also the pressure gauge doesn’t increase smoothly, but tends to ‘stick’ then jump after 10+ more strokes; meaning you could overinflate. This is not likely to be catastrophic but means you might have to have to let a little air out when you’re done.


• Gets tires up to pressure quickly

• Presta and Schrader compatible

• Pressure gauge is a nice feature

• Not too heavy

• With new replacement part, (see above) it seems robust


• Nozzle was a bit stiff until oiled

• Plastic part broke, (but they replaced quickly with metal version)

• Kept unscrewing valves on our inner tubes

• Foot platform seems a little flimsy

• Pressure gauge works in ‘jumps’


• CNC machined aluminium construction

• Ergonomic, CNC-machined aluminium handle

• Lezyne Flip-Thread chuck threads directly onto Presta and Schrader valves

• Oversized piston; 3mm diameter stainless steel wire foot peg

• High pressure, road-specific design, 160 psi max

• Weight – 174 g

• Diameter – 22.5mm

• Length – 300mm

• Comes with or without Pressure Gauge

(With the introduction of the Air Bleed System to all of Lezyne’s pumps, the problem of pulled valve cores is almost entirely eliminated.)

Lezyne and Weight Loss

Health Woman suggests that Lezyne lights are the new use for getting fit….not a bad idea on any level.

Brand new from the epic Lezyne range is their new light products. Small, compact, tidy and at a price point that won’t leave you feeling mugged. In fact, by fitting on of these onto any form of cycle, it will certainly give you added cool points as style wise, they are top notch!

With all of Lezyne bike lights and goods, the engineered design and style appear is prominent and they may be especially targeted their new array of solutions at a particular buyer. By trying to keep their variety sub 100, it implies that they’re interesting to much more buyers without sacrificing functionality due to the fantastic quantity of lumen output.

Inside the variety they’ve three designs out there in 3 colours, all with the very same universal handlebar mounting bracket. All three models are headlamps that develop 150, 300 and 450 lumens. All 3 are applying cree LED’s and have their very own exceptional uniform power beam reflector assembly and are all 100% CNC’d in standard Lezyne style. Anodized bodies on all which include laser etched graphics plus weather proof sealed and all sorts of round fairly indestructible.

The Lezyne Super drive is the top of the range flagship model and pumps out an impressive 450 lumens at a price of 99.99. Weighing in at 126 grams it’s also a pretty lightweight model, especially for its price point, it will be competing with some of the bigger manufactures out there. All 3 models are running on Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and are USB chargeable. This is a really useful feature if you are commuting as when you get to work, assuming you are office or computer based, you can simply charge the light of the computer.

The opposite designs, the Mini Drive (49.99) plus the Power Drive (79.99), are incredibly similar in appearance and are also available inside the silver, black and gun smoke colours. The only modify inside the designs is lumen electrical power, dimension and weight.

Rutland Cycling are brightening up the dark this winter. They are giving the brilliant new Lazyne lights at an extra special price. Why not take a look now?

PRESS RELEASE: Cedric Gracia Continues and LEZYNE Places 3rd in German Awards

LEZYNE NEWS – CEDRIC Continues through 2012/Lezyne Places 3rd in German Mag Award.


Cedric Continues as Lezyne Ambassador Through 2012

Cedric Gracia

San Luis Obispo, CA – Lezyne is proud to announce the continued partnership with gravity legend Cedric Gracia (CG Racing Brigade) through the 2012 Season. A Lezyne Ambassador since 2009, Cedric is a long-time user and supporter of Lezyne. “Cedric is a great athlete to work with and a lot of fun. He has really helped to spread Lezyne’s message of Engineered Design around the world. We are stoked to continue working with him,” said Patrick Ribera-McKay, Lezyne’s Worldwide Marketing Manager.

Cedric will be using Lezyne pumps, tools, tire repair, bottle cages, CO2 inflators, organizers, and LED lights throughout the 2012 season. Learn more about Cedric and Lezyne here: Cedric Gracia Lezyne Ambassador Page

Lezyne Places 3rd in German Magazine Readers Awards.

Ulrike Schlifske

Germany – Lezyne was recently awarded 3rd Place for Best Pump Brand in the reader polls for the German magazines “RoadBIKE,” “MountainBIKE,” and “bike.” Lezyne’s Ulrike Schlifske and Jessica Vogel (Marketing Assistant, 2 Wheel Distribution) were on hand to accept the awards. This is the second year that Lezyne has received honors from the readers of “RoadBIKE,” “MountainBIKE,” and “bike” magazines.